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WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!  Tech just finished spanking those damned Hokies... man that was a great game!  It was especially sweet if you recall how they wooped us last year.  I can't watch it here from Santiago, but thanks to Yahoo Sports (and a $5 1 month subscription) I was able to listen to the live radio broadcast and also watch a play by play virtual field webapp.  MAN I miss Tech football!  I think of all the things I miss the most from the US, my family would come first of course, but #2 is Tech campus life and Tech football... gosh I just can't get enough of football while I'm here.  In the US I was never all that crazy about it, just mildly interested, but since coming here I watch each the only football games on TV - 2 NFL games on ESPN per week, Sun at 8 and Monday night football at 8.  Why am I so crazy about it now?  I think its kind of a reaction to being away from my culture, a way of clinging to it, I dunno, but now I just can't get enough of watching football (americano) and football sports news, including the Chan Gaily radio show. 

I want to make a post about my trip to the south, but am going to wait until I get pictures from my friend. 

Chao Chao and VIVA JACKETS! 

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photo by: Bluetraveler