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Beautiful Floripa, see those dunes? Ya I surfed on them!
Hey guys!  Sorry its been forever since I've written, internet is not as ubiquitous here in Florianopolis (but the beautiful women are!  Everything you've heard about Brazilian women is true... its amazing how many gorgeous women are everywhere).  I've been here for almost a week now, got here last Saturday.  Had a lot of classes and homework at first, but now its all free time until we leave Tuesday morning for Iguazu falls.  Florianopolis is a great city, but very different from Buenos Aires.  I've had more of a culture shock going from BA to here than from the US to BA.  In BA I could get around just fine with my Spanish, and transportation was so cheap and easy, and life was easy, I felt like I really "clicked" with it.
Me at some fort or something, not sure really,
  Here is very different, not bad, but different.  There are buses for getting around, but they're schedules are not very regular, its more expensive, and trying to ask someone for help figuring out how to get where I need to go is hopeless.  I have really enjoyed learning Portuguese, but it is still very difficult to communicate with people.  I'm going to a "festa" tonight with some Portuguese people I met, we'll see how it goes.  There don't seem to be as many people who speak english here, though it is more common among the university students here. 

Sunday we had a tour of the island, seeing the beach felt so good.  Monday and Tuesday consisted of Portuguese class for a few hours at a "language club" near our hotel (which is very nice by the way with a cozy feel, but different from American hotels - no phone, no soaps or shampoo that come with the room, maid comes once a week), then we took a rented bus to the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina for classes taught by the professors there.
an old colonial-style church, I'm up in the trip right window there. I rang the bell. It was loud!
  We learned quite a bit about Brazil's economic and political situtation.  Wednesday was a worthless class on the culture of Brazil, then the Brazil world cup game against croatia, which Brazil won 1-0, but played very poorly. 

Argentina played today (Friday), how amazing!  The team looked absolutely amazing and domininated Serbia-and-Montenegro 6-0.  Their style is phenomenal and looked to be merely toying with their opponenents.  I slept through a lot of the game because I was so tired.  Yesterday we went to the beach (Brent, Norberto and I hitchhiked, which is much more normal here) in the morning, where we played tons of soccer (with Brazilians, dam they're good!), went dune surfing (like snow boarding, but in sand, really sweet!), then took a bus back to the hotel and immediately went to play 2 hours of soccer in a nice court we had reserved.
Ah, the beauty.
  Afterward we were all exhausted - made dinner, watched a movie, passed out.  But then had to wake up at 7 for class at 8 - we had it early so that it would be done by 10 for the Argentina game.  So after class I picked up 2 empanadas and was in and out of napping through the Argentina game.

The beach yesterday (Thursday) was absolutely amazing, I am going to try to put up some photos.  The water so clear (and cold, but okay once you got in), nice sand like Clearwater beach FL, not crowded at all b/c its winter here, 70-75 farenheit, clear blue sky, and of course the ladies and their famous bathing suits.  Truthfully, it felt like home except that we played football instead of football americana or volleyball and there were more beautiful women wearing skimpier bathing suits.  Tons of fun.  

Well that's all for now, Love you guys!  :)  -Derek 
breraps says:
Hitchhiking...you're giving everyone, including myself, a heart attack!!! Be careful please!!! Other than that it sounds like you are having an amazing time...your pictures are brilliant (as they would say here in Dublin). It's funny though, your focus has kind of shifted from the politics and culture to the beautiful women of Brazil...good for you;) Anyways, I love you and miss you,
Posted on: Jun 20, 2006
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Beautiful Floripa, see those dunes…
Beautiful Floripa, see those dune…
Me at some fort or something, not …
Me at some fort or something, not…
an old colonial-style church, Im …
an old colonial-style church, I'm…
Ah, the beauty.
Ah, the beauty.
Beach Thursday!  See my sandals st…
Beach Thursday! See my sandals s…
More soccer and beautiful beach.
More soccer and beautiful beach.
photo by: Vagabondatheart