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Okay -  I am excited.   I got off the plane after a really uneventful airplane trip.   Might I point out to all of you that are reading this that I am a condrum,  I love to travel but hate to fly.   This trip I didn't panic and I didn't stress... we will see if this is fluke or new leaf when I return home.   

As my sister and I exited the airplane I made sure I was behind her.  You see we have this on going war about who visited the country first.  Ireland was hers because it was after all her business trip that I was along for the ride for!  So,  I was last.

My first impression of Ireland was derived from John our hire car service driver.  He was exactly what I envisioned and more.  Charming, polite and fully of life,  weeeee  I was in Ireland.   The 2nd thing was that Dublin smelled so much better than NYC.   It was actually the first thing both my sister and I thought of as we exited the airport.

John our car service driver was so lively and friendly.  I felt like a part of his family.   He was full of cool little tidbits --- and very proud to let us know that The Edge from U2 had driven in the car we were in just last week.

Our hotel is located in Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel -  it is brick red. ( nothing like the picture on the web)  Very nice room with a balcony that faces the bay ( not sure what it is named will find out later.)

Killiney unbeknowst to me is the land of the rich and famous in ireland, Enya, Bono, The Edge, Van Morrisey and Tony Blair live in the area.   It is a very green and hilly area.

I am off to explore... bye

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Okay, I asked the hotel desk for a nice walk around the area at the time I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  Lets just say 3 hours later... I was exhausted but I had some really nice photos that I will post when I get back.  

I started my journey by taking a trek through Victoria Hill ( a national park )  that is one big hill but it is so worth the trip the view is amazing from the top.   You can see all of the bay and some very nice small islands.   I got lost in Victoria Hill for a good hour.  I found my way to Vico Road ( this is a must see for rich and famous gawking) this road runs parrell the water and it absolutely gorgeous.  

I talked with several couples that were strolling and I had a pleasant time.   I made my way to Dalkey Castle and got some little trinkets in the gift shop.  I was too late for the living museum exhibit hopefully I will make it back later.   

I ended up by chance on Castle St.  It is the shopping area of the town.  Got some quick snacks in the newsagent... and I even got a couple of whistles from the local boys made my day.   I ended up walking a huge hill back to the  Hotel... got my work out. 

I ended my day with a nice glass of wine and a  platter of regional and international cheese in the lounge of the hotel.  ( I ran into Megan - my sister who is having a conference here - and who graciously invited me on the trip.)

My day ended early... I was tired from traveling... tomorrow I am going on a Wild Wicklow Tour.  I can't wait.

76 km (47 miles) traveled
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photo by: fransglobal