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Traditional farmers. My friend Jorge is First left and other friend Nacho is in the back row right, bending over

So, lets fast foreward this...the Spaniards decide to come to London last weekend (7th-8th july 2007)


Fri night, we sat at the house in golders green, (London) drinking before we went out.  Met a really dumb Aussie (thick as forest gump), quite literally.  I think he had developmental problems whilst growing up.


o after taking the Mickey out of him, we left the house, heading for covent garden, (London) and to a club called Guaranabara (Brazillian).  That was quite good. We danced and owned the club by the  end of the night. I had losers left, right and centre trying it on with me.

One of the Spaniards was stuck to me like glue (i didnt know why at this point).  It was obvious by the end of the weeekend that he was "in-love with me"!!!!!  I told him not to bother i have a partner, but it made him want me more (i dont know why, probably a man-thing)! 


All night long he was following me, flicking my hair away from my face for me and basically being a loser!!! ha ha aha ha a



Ok, so we left the club after losing each other and finding each other again.  We walked to Licester Square and on the way, it was so much fun.

..i tell you......we were kicking the bins into the road, destroying flowers and making confetti, smashing bottles and pint glasses, and talking to random strangers all over the place. 


The next club, (which was shit) we paid a fiver (£5) and it was so shit, i mean, it was full of kids (young teenagers) trying to be cool.


After we went home and to do that we had to walk to Picadilly to get the night bus, we waited for what seemed like ages when your drunk, but was really 10mins or so. 

But......sat night was tonnes better!!!!!!


Sat night, it was same again, we sat at the house dnking before we came out.



Out of the blue, Forest gump came home from the Regatta (Boat racing) and was so so drunk, he could harldy do anthing without making it a laugh for us.  He returned to his room and told me that, his room is  2 doors on the right if i wanted to sleep with him! (What a loser).  It was quite for 10 mins.  Then.............he came back, wearing just a pink thong, i mean, it was so shocking.  He wasnt wearing it properly, one bollock was hanging out, and that made us all piss ourselves with laughter.  I think i ve got a video of it, on my phone somewhere.  Thank god, that he laid to rest,,,,,,,,,but we didnt.  Me and my friend Biranne, went to his room, after he settled down and i videoed it as we went to his room to investigate he and take the piss that bit more.  My god, i laugh when im typing all this stuff.  Basically, he was courting us into his bad (which had pink covers- how gay??) and flashing us!!  That was the time to leave the room and return to the rest of lads in the house before setting off. 


Making our way to golders green tube, we headed towords Camden town.

  meeting a drunk along the way- this guy was literally slumped on the seat, head down and in a deep sleep.  Me and Brianne, seat either side of him for a laugh.  We found behind him a bottle of whisky and coke, which he may have drunk.  Many  sacred attempts were made to wake the poor lad up, but we found that we would start giggling uncontrollably.


On reaching Camden Town, we saw loads of weirdo's, its that kind of place in London you see (punks, goths, plus more).


Bumped into a guy we met on the plane  coming home from Alicante, and spoke to him for some time.  We we deciding whetther or not to got to COCO'S the club, costing a hefty,£20 entrace fee.  We simply couldnt justify paying that so we went to another Brazillian Club- me and Brianne chatted up a deaf boy (but he was so fittt!!!!), trashed the place a bit before we left.  Oh sorry before we, went in, we took our bottle of bombay saphire gin and limonade and hid it  behind a cart of some sort, so that we could return to it, once leaving that place.  


We stood around for ages before moving to this fish and chip shop,  only to discover an undeerground club, it was so cool!!!!!! I loved it there. 


Of course, we were out til 5am hailing cabs and generally being naughty. 

tirsomaldonado says:
Spanish people rock! ;)
Posted on: Jul 24, 2007
Vikram says:
Well you can't blame a guy for falling in love can you? ;-) Anyways I loved the bit about "flicking my hair away from my face for me". LOL he really is a loser!
Posted on: Jul 20, 2007
tirsomaldonado says:
Write more blogs, I had fun reading yours, although it seems like you have a problem with men hahhah I will keep reading your stuff.... cheers
Posted on: Jul 17, 2007
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