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So we headed out pretty early from Anaheim.  Had to fight through LA traffic again.  Man it's atrocious. 
North of LA on I-5, there's a section where they tell you it's a pretty steep uphill slope and to turn off your A/C or your car will overheat.  Well... we didn't heed that warning until the car got alllllll the way to the H.  It was 106 degrees outside...  we were going to overheat along with the van! 
We shut the A/C off and got to the top of the mountain and the engine temperature started to drop... the outside air temp never budged.

It's absolutely beautiful driving up through those mountains and hills along I-5, and along CA-152.  I can't tell you what town it was in, but we took a wrong turn and ended up by a shopping area.  There was a carpet retailer named "MMM Carpet" and Jared and I just thought that was so hilarious.  It sounded like Homer Simpson drooling over food...

There are so many places I would have loved to stop along the way, but sometimes it's just impossible.  There's not always a place to do so.  The golden hills through CA-152 sure are photo-worthy, though, and I wish I could have gotten a few shots.

We got into San Jose around 5'ish, and made it to the Winchester House.  I was kinda hoping to get a quick tour at 1 Infinite Loop, down the road in Cupertino, but Winchester House was definitely sufficient.  That place is crazy.  I can't imagine ever living in a place like that.  I suppose she didn't do it for practicality, but man...  that's whack.  The one thing I wish we had was air conditioning and a good tour gui--the TWO things I wished we had were A/C and a good tour guide.  Our guide was just a bit disinterested in the entire process of leading a tour and just didn't seem that entertaining... thus the entire house didn't seem nearly as cool as it sounded.

Well it was a bit early to retire to San Francisco for the night, so we decided to start driving up the Pacific Coast Highway again.  We cut through toward Half Moon Bay and headed north.  I was soooo hoping to get some beautiful sunset shots of the cliffs on the Pacific coast and man I was just salivating at the thought of some of the photos i was going to get!  We cut through another one of those twisty switchback filled roads and passed up soooo many good photo-ops (a beautiful view of San Jose from atop a hill, at sunset no less... and the redwoods... ohhhh the redwoods were GORGEOUS!) along the way just to make it to the coast in time for sunset.  Man I wish I'd have asked to stop and shoot those photos.  Now I'll have to go allllllll the way back out there just to get the shots I want.... and it was all in vain.  As we approached the coast, the fog started rolling in.  It got to where we couldn't see 1/4 mile... so there went my photo opportunities on the coast.  Fog makes things moody, if you can catch it at the right time... unfortunately, we were an hour or so too late to catch it rolling in from the ocean, and so I missed out on the wonderful mood it could have.  So we kept on driving.... We stopped in the town of Pacifica for the night.

The highest temperature we saw on the thermometer was 113 today.  As we pulled into our hotel, the thermometer read 53 degrees.  What a difference!

It feels soooooo good to be near the coast again.  Living in Jacksonville, I get very accustomed to having a beach nearby.  I live 15 miles from it, but it's still nice to know that it's a 20 minute drive and I'm there.  Being land-locked for 4500 miles made me miss the smell and sound of the ocean.  Oh the damp air felt wonderful!

I've GOT to shoot some photos tomorrow!
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San Jose
photo by: Deannimal