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Air Force One "on loan" from the Air Force. I'd LOVE to see them come get it back. It's forever flying across Reagan's beloved territory.

We had a little bit of spare time today, and my grandparents and I had been hoping we could find time to visit the Reagan Presidential Library, so we decided to go for it.

Los Angeles traffic really really sucks.  I don't see how people can tolerate that.  It wasn't even rush hour or anything and it was stop and go traffic. 

We made it up to Simi Valley and I can see why he picked this spot.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  It's such a beautiful resting place for him.

We took a tour of the museum.  There was just so much to see, so much to read... you could easily spend all day there and then some.  Toward the end of the tour, the path leads you into a giant room and Reagan's Air Force One is sitting there, suspended high above the ground and facing a giant window, looking as though it's flying out across the beautiful countryside.

Reagan's tomb. Simple and with a good quote. Looks out across the valley.
  It really is a spectacular thing to see.  They let you walk through the aircraft, but unfortunately, no pictures are allowed inside... but I wish my airline flights were a 1/10 as nice as what he got to fly with... and it was just a 707.  I can only imagine just how nice the 747 is that the President flies.

We decided to stop downstairs and grab something to drink.  There were a couple of refrigerators with cokes and what not in them and I spotted this stuff called Leninade.  The labels are hilarious.  Check out http://www.leninade.com/ ... "Leninade Dot Communist!"  Oh the dry hilarity. :)

After all was said and done, the Library was about to close and we had one final detail to take care of.  We made our way out to the Reagan tomb and paid our respects.  I have to admit, I got all misty eyed.

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Air Force One on loan from the A…
Air Force One "on loan" from the …
Reagans tomb.  Simple and with a …
Reagan's tomb. Simple and with a…
Me and Jared standing next to the …
Me and Jared standing next to the…
This says it all!
This says it all!
Looking out across Simi Valley.
Looking out across Simi Valley.
Simi Valley
photo by: Andy99