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A sailboat cruising through the Thousand Islands at sunset.
Man the Canadians gave us the 3rd degree getting in.  Guess they don't trust us Yankees, eh?
It's definitely a weird experience to drive on the wrong side of the road.. wait..  they don't?  :)
Well the kilometers per hour took getting used to, anyway.  At least they give conversion factors for us dumb Americans.  We drive on a few very pretty wooded roads until we reach Ivy Lea and see the boat tours sign... We pull off the road and see that their last tour left at 4pm.. Even earlier! 

We figure out that this isn't Gananoque and decide to go further into town.  It's a cute little place.. Kind of reminds me of Fernandina Beach. 

It's still pretty early in the season, and it's almost 6pm by this point.  The town looks completely dead, especially on the waterfront.
A sea gull flying next to our boat. It's slightly out of focus, but look at the photo. Who cares?
  We find the boat tour place, and we're in luck.  They have a 7pm one-hour tour of the Thousand Islands!

We jump on the chance and take the tour.  They have another one the following day for 5 hours so we might decide to stay over night in Canada.

The tour takes off and we come to find out, the entire thing is nothing but pre-recorded and doesn't even sync up with where the boat actually is.  To further annoy us, after they say something in English, they have to immediately translate it into French for anyone from Quebec.  (Time for a short political rant.. this is why we need English as our official language in America, just so we don't have to sit through 2 or 3 translations anytime we're on a tour of some sort, and well.. for other more important places where it's just burdensome)

Needless to say, though the islands were pretty, we decide to go back to Alexandria Bay for the night and take the Uncle Sam's tour the following day.
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A sailboat cruising through the Th…
A sailboat cruising through the T…
A sea gull flying next to our boat…
A sea gull flying next to our boa…
photo by: holdbacktherain