What large Tetons they are!

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So we did get a fairly late start.  We got to the Tetons just around noon-ish.  They are absolutely stunning.

The drive from Idaho Falls to get here was amazing too.  It winds up along the Snake River, and the gorge created by the river, in places, is just beautiful.  As we got into Wyoming, we crossed through mountains and the Snake River creates a fairly deep gorge.  Looking down as I was riding, we could see tons of whitewater rafters on the river.  What a blast that must be!  I've never been rafting, but I hear it's fun... and cold.

If it was the right time of day, I could totally get some stunning shots as the river runs through flat valleys and through the mountains. 

We got to the Tetons and my grandmother kept urging us to stop and shoot a photo.
  We kept telling her that we'd just get closer and closer and there'd be plenty of places to stop.  Nevertheless, we stopped at the first lookout we could to placate her.  The best pictures, though, were as we got closer.

I wish I could get there in the morning to get a picture from the dam on Jackson Lake toward the mountains.  Oh man, I bet on a clear crisp autumn morning those things are just right.  I'd love to hike the area and explore!!!

Man life is too short, and we waste our youth working away.  I don't want to wait until I'm retired and can't experience the trails to come back. 

Unfortunately, our visit through the park was truncated because we still have to hit up Yellowstone today... and that's coming up next.
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