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We made it into Anaheim.

Jared is absolutely ecstatic to be in this town because he's a huge Angels fan (go figure.. he and his mom are probably the only two Angels fans anywhere in NY).  We drove right by the stadium as we made our way to the hotel. 

Our hotel is right next to the convention center and not even a half mile or so away from Disneyland.  Being a Floridian, Disneyland has nothing to offer me...  but it was neat to sit on the roof of the parking garage and watch the fireworks from the park.

This convention is supposed to be huge.  They're expecting somewhere around 20,000 Shriners to invade the area.  That's a lot of fezes and tiny cars!

When we first got into the hotel, we were looking for an elevator to get up to the 7th floor and just as we walk up, an elevator opens and a rather heavyset man with a fez on sees my grandfather and shouts out "Dutch Magill from Duncansville!  Never worked and never will!" (it goes back a long ways) and the door closed .  We catch our own elevator, packed full of people, and the elevator stopped on every floor on our way up to the 7th. 
Each time the door swung open, it was like another 15 second skit.  The doors would slide open, and there'd be ruckus and laughter and it would close.  We'd chuckle a minute in the elevator and then the doors would open again and the process would repeat.  It was a hoot.
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photo by: hannajax