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One of the last photos my Rebel shot before it "died." This was shot from Cliff House.
Oh man I want to cry.  My baby, my Rebel, has died!  And it's not just like, a dead battery kind of dead.  I was taking pictures from the Cliff House just south of San Francisco on the coast and, suddenly, my pictures were mostly black.  About 3/4 of the image was black, and the top 1/4 had the image just fine.  I thought my sensor was dead!  I do some troubleshooting and figure out that the autofocus mirror is not flapping out of the way when I shoot an image, and it's obscuring most of the image plane.  My Rebel is 3 1/2 years old... I worked so hard to get it and to pay for it...  It's been everywhere with me:  Washington State, the desert (4 states), and everywhere on this trip and tons of places in between!  I have over 26,000 photos shot with it.  It's so sad to see it with a broken wing.   I ducked into the gift shop at the Cliff House, and asked for a couple of pieces of scotch tape...  I taped the autofocus mirror out of the way and to the main viewfinder mirror.  The downside is that I no longer have autofocus.  The good news is... my camera works!!  I can still shoot photos (albeit slightly slower).

Moving on...

I've always heard how beautiful of a city San Francisco is.  And I see why now.  As we stood atop the hill  on Lombard street and walked down, we could clearly see the city beneath us.  What a wonderful view. 

We didn't really get a chance to check out the Golden Gate bridge.  Disappointment.  Nothing we could do though;  it was fogged in.  I saw the base of it, but couldn't even see the road deck!  I was under orders from a couple of people to get a shot of it, but it just wasn't happening today.  The fog never did lift...

We went down to Fisherman's Wharf, specifically to Pier 39.  Gramma and Grampa went their way and Jared and I went our own and wandered around until lunch time.  Jared and I walked down to try to get a view of the Golden Gate (you know, already, how that turned out) and we ended up seeing a sight that he'd wanted to see:  the bushman!  (I'll upload a photo later)  The bushman is a dude who looks homeless, and wears a green jacket and hat, and cuts a few branches off a bush to hide behind.  As people are walking down the street, he waves the branch at the person and scares the crap out of them.  It was pretty amusing to watch.

When we met up for lunch, I introduced Jared to the wonderful world of fresh fried seafood.  Nothing up his way can compare to what you can get in a town near the ocean...  I'm still unclear whether or not he was into it though.

It was pretty frickin cold in SF today.  We'd already packed our jackets away in our main luggage in the van, and it wasn't easily accessable.  Gramma decided to buy both Jared and I SF pullovers.  We begrudgingly accepted them at first, but both came to completely appreciate them by the end of the day.

Today ended my last day in California.  It was a place that never held much desire for me, but now I know I want to come back.
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One of the last photos my Rebel sh…
One of the last photos my Rebel s…