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So Jared and I have been craving Taco Bell for the better part of a week now.  My grandparents pull off for dinner at Arby's... well lo and behold, there was a Taco Bell next door! 

Man we paid for it, dearly.  We place our order, and I was wearing my UPS baseball hat... the genius cashier, evidently from Rio Linda, just kept talking and talking and talking to me.  He started interrogating me about UPS and asking me if I ever found weed in any boxes and what the weirdest thing I've ever delivered was.... this after I told him that I don't even do delivery for the company! 

After our food was up, the guy followed us out to our table and just stood there and kept talking to me.... until a lady came in to order some food.  Then he followed her around and started talking to her about how the police crashed a party at his place on the 4th.   Then another guy came in to distract him from that poor lady.... but the kid went back to her after he placed his order.  The guy came and sat at the table next to Jared and me, and I whispered "You're next!" to the guy.  It took him a second, but he figured it out.

While I've become quite the extrovert, some people just need to understand that there are boundaries.  What was this kid thinking?  Man I just wanted to eat my burrito in peace, ese.  Can't I just eat my burrito in peace?
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photo by: keef_mon