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So we left Vegas this morning.  It was a fun day yesterday, but Vegas is definitely no place I'd want to live.

Baker is not our destination for the day, but I add it because of some funny stuff that occurred on the drive from Vegas to pass through Baker on the way to Anaheim

The first event was: the van died again.  We found ourselves in the middle of the Mojave Desert in stop and go traffic... more on that later.  In stop and go traffic, we came to one of many stops, and the van just completely died with no warning!  Jared and I kicked on our flip flops, threw open the doors, and pushed the van off to the side of the road.  My grandfather popped the hood, I jiggled the battery cable, and the van started right back up.  Of course, other drivers were being jerks and wouldn't let us back onto the highway.  Oh no.  It would be a SIN to let someone get in front of you.  Let someone behind you let them in!  I don't get that mentality and I don't understand why people are such jerks when they drive.  The anonymity of being in your own vehicle makes you fearless or something.  I don't know.

Anyways, the problem causing all of this horrible traffic was that the state of California thought it would be hilarious to put an agricultural checkpoint in the middle of the desert on I-15.. and it's not one of those normal "All Trucks Exit" kind.  No... this is for every single vehicle passing through this road.  What genius thought this through???  We get up to the checkpoint, and here's the kicker:  They're not even checking the vehicles passing through... the guards are all just standing in front of their booths waving people through.  Are you kidding me???  If you're going to do something like that, you can't be selective on when you enforce it.

Finally, the last neat thing of this particular segment of driving was that we saw a sign for Baker.. It said 14 miles ahead.

We come up over a hill right as we see the sign, and see a small town in the distance.  My grandfather, who was a helicopter pilot and proud of his ability to judge distance, said "No that's not Baker.. that's only 6 miles away or so"...  oh yeah.  It was pretty darn clear out, because that town did turn out to be Baker.  We watched as it came closer and closer.  My cousin, for some reason, decided to use the stopwatch feature on his phone to see how long it would take us to get there.  7 minutes, 51 seconds.  Let's translate that... we were going around 90mph through the desert at this point.. and that was with the flow of traffic!  As dangerous as 90 sounds, it would be more dangerous to obey the speed limit with everyone else driving that fast.
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photo by: X_Drive