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Shot this with a red filter and polarizer, with the intent to turn it black and white. This guy decided to go beyond the railings and stand on the ledge like a moron, but it gave me a good photo op to show perspective and size.
The second time I've been here as well.  Just as impressive as the first time, but I wish we could have stuck around for the sunset.

I talked my grandparents into driving down to Moran Point, instead of just seeing Mather Point, the first place they could pull into.  They felt it was well worth it.  We were trying to get into Las Vegas at a decent hour tonight, so I can understand why the rush to leave the Grand Canyon... but there's just so much to see!

One of these trips, I swear I'm going to start walking down a path into the rim and not come out for weeks.  I really want to take a guided tour down there and do all the camping and what not.  I'm tired of seeing it from the top of the rim.  I want good photos from down in there!

It's impossible to really capture the depth and size of that canyon in photographs.  In fact, when you're there, you don't even understand how big it is until you see a bird fly down into it and watch it for miles on end.  I told everyone about it, then Jared saw it.. and we heard a couple of people comment on how dizzy they got too.  If you go to the Grand Canyon, watch a bird fly down into it.  Make sure you're sitting down.
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Shot this with a red filter and po…
Shot this with a red filter and p…
A side view of the canyon with all…
A side view of the canyon with al…
Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300