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Donner Lake as seen from Interstate 80.
We passed through Donner Pass (of cannibalistic lore) on the way into Nevada.  There was a nice overlook of Donner Lake that we just had to stop for.  Although, there were also quite a few places along the interstate I'd have loved to stopped at... and there was one that even had an exit with an overpass from which I could have shot photos.  So sadly, more missed photo opportunities, but it just means I'll have to come back (to yet another place!)

We stopped at a Comfort Inn for the night in Reno.  This hotel, like many, has a small arcade near the lobby, but this one has air hockey in it!  Unfortunately, I was fresh out of change, but had a few ones.  We went up to the front desk and asked the "kind" gentleman if he could swap some quarters for a couple ones, and he's like "just how much are we talking?" and I said "how about two dollars?" and he sighs and says "Okay, but I can't do any more than that.  I don't have that many quarters, and we need to make sure the other guests in the hotel have quarters incase they need them" ... for what??  For the vending machines?  Here's an idea... don't charge $1.25 for a coke... charge an even dollar!  Then, your hotel guests will no longer need that quarter just to buy a damn coke, and you'll have plenty of quarters in your till to provide to kids looking for non-destructive entertainment.  We could have been doing much worse than playing air hockey like, say, graffiti in the elevators.

I suppose I can't complain, too much, though.  When we checked out in the morning, we come to find out that apparently there was no record of us ever having checked in, so we never got charged for our stay there!  So... note to all travelers:  the Comfort Inn on I-80 won't charge you ;)   ... okay so maybe they will.. maybe we just got lucky.  But they have a proven history of doing it for us :)
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Donner Lake as seen from Interstat…
Donner Lake as seen from Intersta…
photo by: alonski