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$8.99 a gallon in Rome, OR.
That's right.  $8.99.

We're in Rome, Oregon.  As we drove up US-95, we crossed the Oregon border.  At the border is a sign that says "Next Gas 100 miles."  Shortly after that sign "Open range next 122 miles."  

Now I've been in open range before, in Arizona... it was nothing quite like this.  There were still fences along the highway in those open ranges.  Here, there were no powerlines and no fences for a decent portion of the road.  You could see for miles.  As my grandfather put it, your dog could run away and you could watch him for 3 days.

We pull into Rome, OR, to grab a drink and maybe use the restrooms.. I say maybe on that.  We'd just passed through something of a small hamlet, but didn't stop there, so Rome was it.
The view from the Oregon/Idaho state line on US-95
  It wasn't the FIRST gas for 100 miles, but the 2nd one.  I've included a photo to show the gas pump.  Somehow, I just don't think the price was accurate on the pump, and they had no sign elsewhere advertising the price of gas.  Their diesel price was $6.39 per gallon.  I do wonder why it looks like 5 gallons of gas cost $20, but maybe last time somebody bought gas it was $4 a gallon... but that's an unmistakeable $8.99 in that pump!

The bathrooms, by the way, I found to be completely unusable.  Though it did have indoor plumbing, the place was completely swarming with flies.  I think I could hold it for a while...

Also attached is a photograph along the Oregon/Idaho border, just inside Idaho.  I just thought it made for a very pretty picture, though it's much better in black and white :)
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$8.99 a gallon in Rome, OR.
$8.99 a gallon in Rome, OR.
The view from the Oregon/Idaho sta…
The view from the Oregon/Idaho st…
photo by: muppas
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