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You know, I really can't remember where this was. Somewhere in Kenya, I think. :-)

Chapter One




the earth ain't flat. every road really is curved. & beginning-middle-and-end are arbitrary, if convenient, destinations.


It has been over a decade since I first went to South East Asia. That's where I met Johnny. I have a picture of him standing on a 2 foot ledge: the lip of Mt. Bromo's inner volcanic cone. Java, Indonesia. The sun is rising, turning the mist-shrouded crater floor below him pink & grey.  A sweatshirt & a sarong scarf protect him from the chill of a high altitude breeze.  He's hungover from last night's beer 'n chat, concentrating: he needs steady hands to train his handicam to the unfolding colours, & so he is oblivious to the split second pretext of my camera's flash.


That photograph's definition is muddy tho.

Johnny at sunrise, on the lip of the active volcano cone that rises out of the Bromo caldera
The unexposed film was cooked in the tropical sun before we got up to the volcano. Besides, with only Johnny and the clouds to capture your eye, it's a fairly ex-clusive shot.  We could be anywhere. 


No contrast.... not the way to start.


There's always the next year: the day I looked forward to showing Jeff my photos. I was to meet him at Lester B Pearson International. at 11:45 pm.  I have a picture of him too (he was with me a month here, a few weeks there, as I wandered).  In this particular shot he's grinning at me with the honey eyes of new love--his smile shining thru the foliage of a Madagascar rainforest reserve.  It's a close up of him with a chameleon we'd discovered. The reptile just under his nose on one grey branch. 


"Me & the chameleon," he mouths as I push the shutter button on my Richo. 


More context to set the story rolling.

Jeff in a Madagascar rainforest reserve
.. but there's a problem with resolution, so the photo's a little blurry.  My camera's automatic focus couldn't still a giggle aim. 


& me… I'm not one to mislead: I don't giggle often.


Which leaves Michael.


at least for me, at that age, a man would always mark an an opening


& Micheal was an opening, even tho I have no picture.  somewhere in medias res. In the middle of the story words do for images.


Where I'm starting, Michael and I are definitely not a "we", and my first departure will be a re-turning... back home to Saskatchewan.


the middle of no-where...  where Michael isn't.  & me wishing he were... sort of





After all, the moment of entry is almost always a moment of departure. I might as well start with the doors I was vainly trying to leave open as I walked out on friends & family....

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You know, I really cant remember …
You know, I really can't remember…
Johnny at sunrise, on the lip of t…
Johnny at sunrise, on the lip of …
Jeff in a Madagascar rainforest re…
Jeff in a Madagascar rainforest r…
photo by: yasuyo