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"But why, for God's sake???" my mother wants to know, "Haven't you heard? They're rioting in Bombay. Why Indonesia? Why Guatemala? Why Madagascar? Why not go to Florida or Jamaica or Hawaii?  Sit on the beaches.  I can't see any reason why you can't write just as well there."


           how silly am i?


          travel & turmoil

       a  tacit temptation

 teaming with tattle.  time & thereafter


maybe I've chosen the wrong organizing principle?


...Will I ever get this story straight?  How can I tell you about the people of Costa Rica or Honduras, Guatemala or the Philippines, or India, Kenya, Tanzania or Madagascar?  About Michael or Jeff or Johnny? About this desire to un-self?  The world shifts ever so slightly with each set of eyes.  As if the globe, its continents, its cities & its oceans were a collection of cells. A being, living and breathing and processing.  


         this daylight:

     the locus of delusions, a global neurological centre


        on the road


warm rays slanting thru the gentle weave of a hammock stretched between two trees

        ...a longing to embrace the shadows they create...


If I could I would throw up a mirror.  Capture the angles & worship these images. These colours pierce my tongue before I speak.  Medicinal, like the huge broad leaved tropical flowering plants; or the parrots, wild and soaring; the pinks & whites of the Spanish adobes. Colours clattering & untraceable.


   a light filters thru the moment between two notes

       the history of refraction

   captured while brushing across a polished surface

         lingering like a drawn breath


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photo by: Yoshu