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July 18





This city is soulless.  Orchard Road:  three solid kms of mall upon glorious mall. 

Like Hong Kong's "Buy me" sirens, without half the character. Clean and cosmetically efficient as a Mc Donald's restaurant.


& I gave in to the urge to sell my soul to an electronics-specialty consumerism.  One video camera richer... one conscience poorer... and one evening wiser...



Johnny and our truck  finally caught up to us yesterday

            full stop

          his hard hands are used to gripping a gearshift

As for the stakes?  Same old story maybe...


Naked on the floor of our magic dragon monster

                         his lips on my body


                      ...until i'm nowhere...


& his hands are hard, used to gripping a gearshift


This wasn't supposed to happen

When did I lose track of where I was?

On the plane?  or on a train?

in the jungle?  or at a temple?

Yesterday, maybe, while on my own exploring this consumer city with an eye to buy?


Or was it today, when his gaze stole into my space?

Or tonight, while my eyes were closed to his kisses

and his hard hands assumed my compliance...

As if I were a gearshift. if I were will-less...

Or simply disinherited





I think (I can't remember for sure)

I think I left him lying naked on the floor

and I am




I think (I can't remember for sure)

I think I stopped in the middle of a 3:00a.m.-in-Singapore-street,

and I am



arms outstretched,        face turned up to the steamy rain


...his hands, no longer on my body, are still






neon red mollasses-crashing waves-bamboo pulling at my hair


            i am spinning

        around and round


          centrifugal force



July 20

en medias res


Tucked away in the back zip pocket of my bag, I have been gripping a postcard.


On the front:

A picture of a romantic Malay sunset. Palm trees in silhouette leaning peacefully over a sandy beach;  the sea, a placid and reflective horizon, all rosy and orange.


on the back:




pseudo-sadistic-sex-power games in South East Asia



The card and the message have no destination

I carry them around like a conscience

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photo by: easyjobrob