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Toronto busker in sepia


"Endimion and Phoebe"




--ruled paper to begin this: an old yellowing sheet i suppose once proposed to make notes on the poem titled above.  don't remember the story.  still, the tone & music some how fitting.

an epyllion

                        an erotic po-em.

Toronto in sepia

yer missive greedily read on its arrival wednesday.  ominous warning/invocation of joy coming day be-fore (Tuesday),  when Jinnean spoke of you.

      me figuring dreamily on the small of yer back--

        me tracing arcs and flashes on the imprint of



this is me  how i re-create

                    yer plane(s): 30,000 ft, cruising above now:

            gathering me up.

            me now in Kingston about to do the thing of speaking that giggles in comparison--fucking Queens....

            sitting at the desk of, no the kitchen table of, steve and mary. thinking on you.

            steve's new book reviewed in the Kingston whig standard that sits to my right.  boxes of the books down the hall.

            i am alone in this new (neutral) place and i am hearing yer breathings and soundings.  i am ghosting yer touch on the outlines of my blake tattoo.  on my face.  in my hair.


            Heroes and Villains & Angela Carter herself magnificent.  thank you for that as well.


                                    jewel and marianne

                                   --their crisis


            how to have things falling and ascending




if i could mail myself to Sask we could

            brave the heavy



                        and walk

            but the postage....


            soppy romantic crisis now --me poisoning the waters (?)

             & you say yer letters don't get much into sense well



so what have i done since?

            --waited patiently for my book --being delivered to Toronto today or Monday.

& i've read some --written a little.

            & everybody's having a book launch.

--think about the synechdochal jump from house to home

                     --i feed the cat

            --watch the jays

                                                               --don't talk


                                    less spoken too


see me figurin this a time that's best

            to keep yer head


                                                discretion being

                        the better part

                                    of fear:


these Gayle being the stories i tell myself  these yes being how i catch up the memory  out the blast furnace of linear t.o. time  yes  i will tell myself  yes ok  i will say  i yes do yes want   i do yes of course yes can't deny i yes miss the hunger yes in the place yes of the belly yes is the yes belly's place  cause yeah the crisis was invigorating & i guess yes(!) i'm sorry i'm not safe but well safe is relative too when you mix two people who understand safe yes dangerous yes proposition






remember me to...

                                                anyone & noone (ee cummings???)

             i will see you


                                                            (again) if

            you will see







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Toronto busker in sepia
Toronto busker in sepia
Toronto in sepia
Toronto in sepia
photo by: yasuyo