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On the way back from Bromo at dawn

Chapter 3: An Introduction to Wandering



There's a fundamental difference between wandering and touring.  One has a goal.  A destination.  An itinary and an aim.  The other?  Well it's more about wonder...


a master wanderer is everywhere and nowhere

& i have brushed shoulders with a master.

now he follows me.

unsubstantial, i can no longer touch his body

yet he is a whisper not a memory

filling the dark nights

he is still telling me lies

his phantom breath caressing my neck

my fingertips

my thighs


everywhere and nowhere



My first taste of travel in developing countries was not so adventurous as my advance thru Central America, the South Pacific, India and Africa the following years.  I am blonde see, & female, & couldn’t help but be affected to a certain amount by stand-by Canadian trepidation.  So the summer of 1992, when I first started courting danger, I took it in stages.  An Overlander expedition: a small group of wanderers on a no frills camping trip thru South East Asia.  Back then, Thailand was still exotic and Indonesia, outside of Bali, virtually untouched by mass tourism. We rode in a truck &  followed the wind.  I knew none of the people who would be traveling with me, and went in relatively blind of expectations, but the plan seemed the right blend of adventure & precaution.  I would be with others, and there is comfort in numbers.


[my mother wasn't buying any of my protestations to caution at the time of course, but she would soon learn that my trip from Bali to Bangkok was only the beginning of her descent into the realm of "Why i should never have had children" mantra chanting. It is a child's destiny to destroy its parent's piece of mind. ]

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On the way back from Bromo at dawn
On the way back from Bromo at dawn
photo by: melybonnargent