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Dodgy pool antics were ongoing when Hannah and I returned

Okay, after spending so much time in and around the villa, I was startung to get a little bit sick of the same damn walls. I wanted to go off and explore so after a late get-up once again and communal lunches (eating altogether is definately a high point of this holiday) Hannah and I started off exploring, after Becca quickly asked if we could check the prices of any restaurants we saw and Livi asked us to post a postcard to her sister back in England. 

We started of in the hottest part of the day (which probably wasn't smart but was better in my opinion than staying by the pool and Hannah shared the same views!) and wandered down to the beach that I'd been to previously at night.  Many of the bars that we passed could have been anywhere cosmopolitan, London, Sheffield, Ibiza, Chania...anywhere, and although I managed to get some fags from a machine in one (yes, tip for smokers, don't go looking in a general store for fags, they don't sell them, you can only get them from machines) I didn't fancy spending what little money I had left on expensive meals or drinks.  So we carried on down to the beach.

We then did a whole saunter down all the shops and restuarants, but most were not Spanish, and were owned by people who had just settled in Spain from other countries, there were English (fish&chips and meat pie) German, Irish, Chinease, Italian...almost every type of food, except Spanish cuisine! This was definately the area for the comfortable tourists and Hannah and I gave up our search at the Beach front except for maybe a potential restaurant that was Belgian. hmmmm.

Despite the disappointing restaurant search the beach itself more than made up for it.  Unlike the one from the other day that Becca preferred, this one was not as rocky and was a very sandy stretch of area with a few trees near the side providing shade.  There were volleyball courts that I hadn't noticed from the nighttime visit and swings on the beach.  As Hannah and I sat down, a Spanish boy asked if he could borrow my lighter, they smoke like there's no tomorrow, obviously all the NHS health warnings that we have in England aren't present in some parts of Europe then the boy and some of his friends started playing Volleyball.  First of all you have to spray the sand with a hose, provided by the side of the beach (no vandalism had occured to it!) which I presume is to flatten it, making it easier to play on and also to cool it.  However, the boy spraying the sand wasn't just content with spraying the sand and went on to spray Hannah and I...twice....despite our laughing protests.  As Hannah said, at least it cooled us down and was quite pleasant...although why he did it to start with!!!! The Spanish are very friendly, and if we had been willing we would probably have stayed and talked but I knew very little Spanish and Hannah probably didn't like to leave me out of the convosation so we took off for the nearby swings.  Swings on a beach....whoever put these up is a genius.

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Dodgy pool antics were ongoing whe…
Dodgy pool antics were ongoing wh…
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior