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The Cannon at the Balcony of Europe

Its hard when you have to think back to what you've done after it's happened. Things seem to fazed out! Oh well, first morning and we woke up soooo late.  Sharing a bed with Becky, and hope the waking up and sleepless nights aren't going to be a running theme, we're having that problem with the cover that everyone knows's just impossible!

Anyway Owen had gotten up and gone exploring on his own, he seems to be the only one of us capable of waking up) so we had FOOD! we also moved the tables and chairs that we could find onto the balcony so we could eat.  Today was pretty uneventful, after discovering we had no pool key (before going on trips like this a piece of advice, ring up the owner of the place and find out where they are leaving everything otherwise you will spend the whole week searching and discovering keys and rules that you never knew about!) The pool rules were totally tight (only allowed in between 10am and 9pm) but since we only woke up at 11am and we would be out in the evenings I suppose it wouldn't be too bad! It was so cool just to have a house between a group of friends.

Walking from the Balcony
Hannah and I were kept a far distance from the cooking (dont know what this says about the others believe that we can get together some bread and cheese!!!) and then after a day hanging out we wandered into the town. Nerja can seem a bit touristy, i mean you go pass more english/german/french speaking people than spanish but the food is excellent, and eating out on the streets is the thing to do whenever you're in europe. there's no point finding the ambiance inside a restaurant, outside is where it's all happening. Oh and wine, for one euro sixty, is an absolute bargain!

After the meal, we went to the Balcon de Europa, or Balcony of Europe for us who can't for the life of us do a proper Spanish accent.  At night it is absolutely gorgeous and is basically a huge outlook terrace with pheonominal views both day and night of the wide expanse of the sea below it.

Tay kissing the metal man on the Balcony, ahh aint it romantic
  You can hear the waves crashing on to the rocks below and when you look down you can appreciate just how high it is above the sea, which means of course being careful not to lean too far over the railings! It's right in the middle of town near the local Church and is impossible to miss, and is great fun, with the cannon and the metal man which got too much attention from Taylor!

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The Cannon at the Balcony of Europe
The Cannon at the Balcony of Europe
Walking from the Balcony
Walking from the Balcony
Tay kissing the metal man on the B…
Tay kissing the metal man on the …
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior