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On the way to the beach (look at the BLUE sea!)

So after days and days by the pool, we eventually managed to get to the beach!!!! whoop whoop! Becca who had been to the Nerja before and who was really the one who organised and planned the whole holiday knew roughly roughly the area. And guided us (pretending really that she knew the way, luckily I didn't realise this until afterwards when she told me) down to near the Balony of Europe.  Just before you go onto the main square in Nerja there is a whitewashed wall and an archway, go through this to get onto the beach.  It seems alot further down when you look at the number of steps than it really is and the walk isn't bad at all.  We stopped and had lunch at the most amazing beach cafe/bar.

The girls at the beach cafe (me, hannah, becky and livi)
  Typical beach. Its absolutely wonderful with views of the sea and with very friendly waitresses and barmen.  It also does a mean Spanish omelette but be careful when you order Goats cheese salad with toast, its actually cheese on little pieces of toasted bread with salad, don't expect a big portion of cheese or toast!

The toilets are also interesting but after Nepal, nothing can gross me out, just learn enough Spanish to tell when you aren't suppose to flush the paper down the toilet!!! The beach here is great though, you can find coves to set you apart from everybody and that's what we did, nice private coves...great for when you need to change in the evening on the beach and don't want everybody to see you as nature intended! The sea today was quiet calm and Becky wandered off at one point shopping, it's great, you can be on the beach, you have food and drink nearby and just a short distance away you can go shopping.

View in the evening light's perfection for a holiday where everybody wants to do their own thing.

Dennis, Seb and Owen couldn't cope with the SAND (oh dear lord, not sand!!) for too long and went home early but we agreed to meet up for an evening meal....interesting time here. We all went to a lovely little restaurant up a hill (near the greek restaurant and tobacco shop) and had a great meal. Hannah was on the phone outside to her boyfriend who was in England when Dennis managed to offend me nearer the end of the meal (all was forgiven eventually) and I went out to find Hannah.  As she was on the phone and I was leaning against her, we were called in to decide on desserts.  I left Hannah, and went in and said to the waiter:

"Two ice cream",

To which he said, "no one for you",

I replied "no two, one for my friend outside,"

"ah you're girlfriend?" Shit, bugger, WHAT??? Hannah and I are very close friends but we hadn't even been sitting next to each other during the meal, I went, stretching my hands out straight to show I was straight "no, we're friends, no girlfriend.

The table which was all gay apparently!

"you're friends?"


"but she's you're girlfriend?"

"no no, just two ice creams" and I fled outside to tell Hannah what had happened.  Whilst we were away apparently we asked Dennis if he was gay....maybe our table just had a gay vibe to it.  Maybe I should say at this point the relationships on the table, Becca and Tay were going out, Seb and Livi were going out, Ellen and Owen were ex's, we were all friends from school, Hannah is my oldest friend and has a boyfriend called Tom, and we have never been girlfriends!!! Neither is Dennis gay.

wangwei says:
Posted on: Jul 10, 2010
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On the way to the beach (look at t…
On the way to the beach (look at …
The girls at the beach cafe (me, h…
The girls at the beach cafe (me, …
View in the evening light
View in the evening light
The table which was all gay appare…
The table which was all gay appar…
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