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Started out this morning from Kitzingen to Wurzburg, then took the E-43 to Kist. From Kist you connect to the E-41 which crosses the low mountains over to Aschaffenburg. After you pass over the Main river in Aschaffenburg,  you connect with the E-42 down into Frankfurt am Main. After you swirl around the tangle of roads surrounding downtown Frankfurt, you find yourself heading south toward the only large dot on the map south of this mess--Darmstat. If you can manage to get to Darmstat, and then successfully navigate to Manheim, in Manheim you can get onto the E-50 and head west toward Kaiserslautern. Every US Army dude knows where Kaiserslautern is for some reason. So, trying to understand the Autobahn system's highway numbers, coupled with the superceding European numbering system, and getting through the tangle of E's, U's, N's, B's and L's on each sign post gives any American a true longing for the simplicity of the US Interstate highway system's logical north, south, east, and west approach. Maybe, one day, someone in Brussels will take notice, and lend the poor European motorist a hand. (End of Diatribe.)
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