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The homes of the majority in the Cape Town area

Six weeks ago when we arrived in Cape Town we saw the traffic and the speed that they drive, plus we were preoccupied with the media based image of the country re hijackings etc and decided against driving in SA.  Now we have returned and are much more acclimatised to Africa, and are able to make an informed judgement, so today we hired a car to go to Stellenbosch - one of the main wine growing areas of the Western Cape.

On the way we drove past the large townships of the area.  The townships are a massive contrast to the wealthier suburbs, both economically and racially.  We visited the biggest township in SA - Soweto, and compared to here Soweto is luxurious in parts.

Vines - Not quite the same in winter
  We passed shanty after shanty, most of the houses were made from small pieces of metal stuck together and plastic bags stuck all over the roof.  It really opens your eyes to the levels of poverty and inequality in the country.

Then we got to Stellenbosch, slightly different to the townships.  It is the second oldest European settlement after Cape Town and is a strong Africaan area.  Unfortunately the weather was bad today so we didn't spend much time in the town; we got a map of the wineries and went to start our day of tasting.  It was very different visiting vineyards in the winter, when there are no grapes on the vines.  It's not quite as good as when the sun is shining and you can sit outside and eat a good lunch.  Today we were just knocking back the wine to keep warm!  At lunch we went to a vineyard and did some tasting while we ate, with the 'experts' showing us what to do.  It is quite funny indulging in all the snobbery that goes with wine tasting.  At one point Diane thought that a wine tasted of cabbage - she didn't share that with the wine woman though.  We made a few purchases throughout the day, now we just have to smuggle them back into Brtiain.

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The homes of the majority in the C…
The homes of the majority in the …
Vines - Not quite the same in wint…
Vines - Not quite the same in win…
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