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On arrival at Scuba Junction dive centre, we met Seth, an American dive master who would be looking after us today.  By 7.30am we were clambering onto a very rocky longtail boat that took us to the main dive boat.  During the journey to our first dive site, Chumphon Pinnacle, Seth briefed us on the site, explained how our dive computers worked (we hadn't used them before) and showed us some photos of some of the fish we would be seeing.

After about 30 minutes we arrived, geared up and did our buddy check - like proper pro's now!  Then it was a giant stride off the side of the boat and into the water.  We descended down 18m along the bouy line, but this time that wasn't the bottom, there was another 20m below, and we had to keep an eye on our depth guage.  We followed Seth around the pinnacle, with all its diferent coral formations branching off - he likened it to the spire of a great underwater cathedral.  He pointed out many things to us including a Moray eel, blue ringed angel fish, puffa fish, butterfly fish and shoals of barracuda.  Just before we ascended, we saw a big shoal of yellow fusiliers, which was fascinating to look at.

Back on the boat (we literally had to be hauled out of the water by one of the boatmen, because the tanks were so heavy and the steps were really steep) we had a rest and drinks and snacks while we made our way to the second dive site - Green Rock.  Visability in parts wasn't as good here but we still managed to see a lot of things.  The highlight of this dive was doing a swim through; Seth led us through one of the coral formations that had a sort of small cavern with each end open.  We also attempted to go through another deeper one later on in the dive but didn't get past the entrance due to a traffic jam - divers were coming from the opposite end - a Japanese tour group we believe, most probably taking photographs.

We felt quite confident by the time we had finished - now having six dives under our belt.  We now feel that is all the budget can allow for.

The afternoon was spent relaxing on the beach - letting all those little nitrogen bubbles dissolve from our bodies!  Later on we were playing cards on our balcony when the guys next door but one invited us to go and play cards with them.  We asked them where they were from, "Manchester" they said, "Oh whereabouts" we said, "Oldham" they said.  It only turns out that one of them lives at the bottom of Buckstones Road in Shaw, down the road from Emma's house!  It most definitely is a small world!

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea