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Working on that tan!

Our last few days have fallen into an easy routine of sunbathing, dipping in and out of the sea, and relaxing on the balcony late afternoon - reading and playing cards. 

The evenings have been spent eating lots of great Thai food.  A couple of nights ago we decided to go for a drink at Car Bar, which is pretty much as it sounds - it's an old VW campervan, converted into a bar and parked on the edge of the beach.  It is a true hippy hangout.  We sat on a stool at the bar and were served by a Thai woman with dreadlocks and listened to a pumped up version of Bob Marley.  We got chatting with a guy from England (chatting being a loose term, as he was getting near to the incoherent stage).  His new friend, Kevin - a crusty* from Sweden was getting a tatoo done at the side of the van by the hippy Thai men.

Another good sunset
  The hygiene seemed slightly questionable as all the needles seemed to be in an old ice cream tub.  After all this alternative stuff we walked along the beach and stopped for a cocktail at a candlelit bar on the beach.  It was very peaceful and idyllic, looking at the stars and listening to the sea.

(*For our readers not familiar with the term 'crusty': we have used it extensively on our travels to describe someone who a) has dreadlocks, b) wears very baggy pants and shirts, c) wears tie-dye, d) has extensive facial piercings, e) is generally very scruffy in appearance, f) may smell due to a preference for cheap, bug-infested, dirty accomodation, in order to save one pound to buy that ever crucial extra beer, and g) generally conforms to the stereotype of a backpacker).

Today we were off to the beach again.  Emma has for the last two days been grappling with a book called 'Buddhism Explained' in an attempt to understand the main religion of SE Asia.  Think it is a bit complicated in parts though, as she has had a strange expression on her face much of the time! 

Tonight, first stop was the local clinic, Emma has an ever increasing insect bite on her leg, so we thought we should get it checked out.  We have passed this clinic many times recently and the staff all seem to sit around on comfy sofas watching Thai soap operas.  When we we walked in they all looked round but no-one got up.  Emma had to explain her problem to about 8 people lounging around, eventually one got up and had a look.  Tablets were immediately dispensed, the briefest of instructions given and out we crept, hoping that a crucial story line hadn't been missed due to a stupid English person with a 'little' bite!  We had no idea what the tablets were so later checked on the internet and all seemed well!

vances says:
If you are a hopeless 'Western' person like me, I recommend Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha" as a beautiful way to relate and comprehend Buddhism.
Posted on: May 12, 2007
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Working on that tan!
Working on that tan!
Another good sunset
Another good sunset
Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea