Cockroach - day two.

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After a reduced amount of sleep we awoke and had to reluctantly get out of bed as we were going into Berry today and had to catch the morning train.  Emma met up with Michael the centre supervisor who informed her that there had been an attempted break in last night at the church nearby.  The person scurrying past our room at 2am had been carrying a fire extinguisher he had got from the kitchen.  We had witnessed a crime wave in Gerringong!

We caught the train and got into Gerringong at about 11.30 - it was hot, very hot.  This was the first time we had come inland since being in Austraila and we could see why most Aussies live on the coast - the little breeze makes this heat much more bearable.  We had a wander up and down the main street but it was just too hot so we called at a pub for a drink.  By the time we left it had got even hotter so we walked to the other end of town and booked ourselves into some posh accomodation for Sunday night - we thought it was about time we had a treat.  We had our lunch on a bench then retreated to the other pub in town before getting a train back to Gerringong - we will explore the shops in Berry further when we come on Sunday.  The pubs in Australia are turning out to be quite amusing in that very few of them have women in.  Most of the pubs are bookies too so they tend to contain the types we get in our bookies at home, all sat with a pint watching the horse racing and shouting every now and then.

We cooked tea at the hostel and then headed back to our room for the night.  Emma did final checks around the room for creatures - all looked clear.  At about midnight we settled down to sleep - with the light on of course - when Houdini the cockroach appears on the floor from nowhere.  Now this roach is much cleverer than last night's - he goes and hides behind a bed where we can see him but can't get him - sneaky!  After 2 hours he comes and and goes under Diane's boot.  By this point we had almost given up and surrendered to the creatures but suddenly Emma the brave had a last burst of endurance.  The boots were moved, the creature scurries.  It appears on the wall - whack, whack, whack - Emma is sure she has him and breathes a sigh of relief.  All of a sudden it is off again, this time heading for the ceiling.  From the supportive position on her bed Diane shouts "Get it, get it!"  It goes out of reach so Emma begins some strange form of flip-flop throwing, hitting everything but the cockroach - she could have been an England bowler (apparently she usually has good aim but with the stress of the situation.....).  Eventually Diane has to take the front line and whacks it.  It falls to the ground but still it limps on.  A couple more bashes from Emma and it is no more.  Houdini the stongest cockroach in Gerringong is dead.  It joins the other cockroaches of history in the rubbish bin.  It may only have been one cockroach but it was a mighty one.  We hadn't seen any others during this epic battle so we went to sleep - with the light on.

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photo by: sapphireamy