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This is one of my favorite blogs! I had heard many times of people picking up great bargains while shopping in Turkey and being accustomed to negotiating at straw markets for cheap souvenirs at ports all across the Caribbean I was excited to see what Turkey had to offer. Please read on!!!

We made our way into the streets of Kusadasi and admired all the usually stands offering everything from souvenir shot glasses to playing cards. I collect shot glasses since they are small and easy to pack in your luggage so I had to purchase one after a little negotiation! As we make our way further into Kusadasi, we notice there are really nice stores along the streets and one of my friends decided to go look at jewelry and watches.

  I followed I and can't help but be impressed at the cleanliness and professionalism of the employees.  My friend purchases a watch (knock off) but nonetheless a very nice watch and at decent price.  We move on and notice a store with woven rugs and my friend decides to go take a look. Again I follow my friend and we are immediately escorted upstairs in the building by a salesman.  A couple of ladies bring out small cups of tea to serve us and we are asked to sit down. As we sip our tea, the salesman directs two of his co-workers to bring out rugs and they start piling up on the floor in front of us.  We comment on the beauty of each and the salesman explains how they are hand woven, some are wool, some are blends of wool and silk, and the yarns are naturally dyed.
  Now I'm thinking I cannot afford one of the rugs and try to ask the price.  The salesman discourages me from asking prices and insists that I tell him which rug I like then he will make me a good price! My friend chooses one (about a 8' x 10') and asks the price.  It is $6,000.  We both look at each other and then ask to see something smaller!  My friend really wants to purchase a rug while in Turkey and decides on a 2' x 2' sized rug to hang on the wall.  She semi-negotiates a price of $250.  The salesmans turns to me.  I tell him that I want a rug to hang on the wall as well and ask if he has a thinner (tapestry type) rug.  Immediately, his co-workers start bringing out this type of rugs that are approximately 3' x 5' in size.  The salesman explains that the rugs are made by virgin girls before their 18th birthday and the rugs are part of their dowry.  This is apparently very important to the Turkish people or is a unique sales pitch!  The salesman tells me the price which was $900.  I immediately respond and tell him that I can't afford that and ask to see a rug made by a "hoe".  I'm not sure he understood but everyone laughed!  To make a long story short, I got the rug for $50.  Both rugs came with certificates of authenticity for what it's worth and my rug cost significantly less than the rug my friend purchased!

LivLovLaf says:
I was the idiot American that bought one of the huge handmade rugs for about $1,800 shipped to my house. What a goof ball! I still love the rug and have kept it as a great memory of my visit to Turkey. Thanks for telling me you only paid $50! LOL
Posted on: Oct 29, 2017
hvera001 says:
Good post, it is useful to read about firsthand experiences such as yours.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2013
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