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Let me just start by saying I hate that this country is so damn cold.  Really, the temperature outside isn't that bad, and being a Boston girl, I'm plenty used to a little shivering.  But the problem here is that it's even colder inside the houses, because, due to the impossibly high energy prices, no one has central heating.  Instead they use little "estufas," which are kind of like space heaters, but they run on gas, to heat the house.  THEY'RE NOT ENOUGH! So what results is something along the lines of me being able to see my breath when I wake up in the morning.

That said, I totally lucked out by getting a family who firmly believes in the values of an electric blanket.  Once I'm under the covers, I have no complaint in the world.  Plus, this morning, my host mom came in and insisted that it was far too cold for me to go downstairs, so she brought me breakfast in bed.  How adorable is that?  Later, Wilfredo showed me around the neighboorhood and such, and then they had my welcome lunch (in Chile, particularly on the weekends, the major meal is lunch, not dinner) and talked for a while.  Then Wilfredo drove me around through the mountains where there are all these cool new houses.  After that, I met up with Nikki, Kristen, Brandon, Alea and Julia to go out.  My host brother Alvaro made fun of me for going out so early (9) and then for wanting to go to bed at 3:30 (because that's so early here), but he didn't go out at all, so who's the loser now?  Haha just kidding.  We went to 2 bars and then tried to find a discoteca of sorts, being all proud of ourselves for waiting until after 1 to try to find one.  Instead, we ended up at a high school birthday party.  Which was wicked cool.  After that, none of us felt really motivated to go look for anything else, plus we were tired, so we all went home.  I almost got lost, despite being in a taxi, because I'm just a huge champ like that.  Mind you, I went easy on the booze tonight for that very reason.  Way to backfire in my face.  I apologized to the cab driver roughly 17 million times, but he was really nice about everything.  Needless to say, I got home safely.  Then I chilled with Alvaro for a little before coming to my room to update this shit and go to sleep.

Aside from my family being so awesome, I totally lucked out in a few other ways.  First of all, despite being kind of far from the center of the city, it's really easy to use the buses to get to the metro from my house (I was going to try it tonight, but my host parents insisted on driving me to the place I was supposed to meet everyone).  Plus, I have the electric blanket, which is pretty rare.  I know it sounds really trivial and inisignificant, but trust me, in this city, it's pretty much a luxury.  Plus I get wireless in my room, which is ideal for when I want to call people over Skype, and also to serve my sick addiction to the internet : )  I also have a TV in my room, which I think is awesome because I've never had one.  And finally, my family has the most adorable dog named Lucas, who I'm absolutely in love with.  Overall, things have been great.  That's all for now, since it's 4 in the morning.  Peace.
hooray_for_adlai says:
hello, friend. how chivalrous would i be to fly down to santiago and install central heating in your house THIS VERY MOMENT? i'm just sayin'...
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
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