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I skipped Sabado nights! Wow what an accomplishment???..hehehe..Slept late though, trying to search for alternative routes to Mauritius.  My ticket is still not confirmed and Camilo and I are waitlisted no. 41!!! I dont wanna look at the first number..but the second digit looks great..hmmm..trying to be positive in close to hopeless situation is next to impossible..It's a bit crazy for now. 

So, I searched for alternative places to go if Mauritius will not work out, but I would really feel bad if this trip will not happen, not only me, I think my friends are starting to curse me by now.  Missing out the wedding! I did this before to another friend, cant really do this again, cant I?

Anyway, my panic starts when Percy rang me and asking for my flight details! He is getting married in 20 days and where the hell is my ticket? They are leaving for Mauritius in 2 days to attend Isabels wedding on the 26th July then their wedding on the 10th of August..gush two of my friends are getting married in the same place on different dates...Yes! they got it all planned...

So, anyway, Percy told me that he will contact Air Mauritius when he reach there...wheew...I'm calm again...(",)  Although, deep inside I know that its not gonna be confirmed. So, I told Camilo about it.  He was sad but what else can we do.  If only we can go by boat then I will start paddling the moment Camilo lands in Maldives. 



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photo by: jenyenh