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counting the days - I was so excited to open my email in this morning, however my smiles fade away when I saw the email from my travel agent that indicates I dont have a seat on the plane for my Mauritius trip.  I sat very quiet the whole morning, dont know what to do.  My brain was paralyzed for a while, I was so upset as I have been thinking about this trip since Percy confirmed the date of his wedding 3 weeks ago.  I knew this is coming as he has been telling me about this a year ago, but they havent set a date the last time I saw them in 2006. although, they have pre warned me that its gonna fall on summer, I just didnt expect its gonna be weeks notice instead of months.  Anyway, there I was spent the whole morning searching through the internet a ticket for Mauritius.  I would die to go any route as long as I get there for the wedding.  I promised to be there, its too late to change my word.  Also, my desperation to get out of the Maldives is becoming apparent too...hmmm not good! As if everyone around me saw this mood and they just left me musing in my tiny box.  After lunch, I sat with Manoj, he was trying to cheer me up, but my mood wasnt any better.  At 2pm, I ran to my room, took shower and head off to the jetty the boys are taking me to Laguna Resort as they are playing volleyball there.  I thought, perhaps this will at least change my spirit.  Whilst on the boat they were trying to make fun on anything, I think they tried to make me laugh, poor guys - they are acting silly just to change my mood. 

So, I decided - okey - kalas, let it be, I will just pray for a miracle now and I shouldnt let anyone get affected with my mood.  so, I tried pissing off my agent by trying to call her 1001 times, finally she told me that its peak season in Mauritius and its difficult to get a seat, unless if I will fly to Singapore then I can get a seat.  But it would mean going back to the far east and then fly west!  this sounds ridiculous..but its the only way for now.  huhuhu...

Another problem, Camilo is coming to see me in the maldives and we will fly together to Mauritius for the wedding.  He doesnt know yet that we dont have tickets to go as the mauritius tickets are left for me to arrange. How will I tell him?  His case will be worse I guess - he flies from Madrid to Germany, then to Qatar then to Maldives!  and when he reached here I will tell him that we cant get tickets to mauritius! or tell him he will fly further to Singapore and back to Mauritius....How do you think he will react to this joke?


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