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So we went out dancing in Cuzco, which has a very rambunctious night life. We strategically planned to meet up with our guide from the trip to Machu Picchu, which planned out beautifully. The guide first took us to a Diablo, where they made us pay extra because we're white. And we were the ONLY white people there. The only. First, we had the bold young chaps dragging our hands to try and dance with us, but then things turned worse. We got a crowd of about 50-year-olds crowded around us with their mouths agape staring at us dancing. This, this was much more worse. And it continued for a good 30 minutes. Every time we hastled them for not dancing, they would start blushing incessantly until they chose a victim to push onto the dance floor, which in turn the guy would grapple to get desperately back into the line of wallflowers. Charming.

Also, the guide confessed their love for me. First, it started by yelling over the music to tell me they love me. And, this was okay with me. I love my friends too. Then it turned. And it turned bad. It took a few times to yell over the music till I was sure I heard right. "Do you want to kiss me?" Tthe guide said. I kindly declined the offer and continued to dance.

Ignoring the problem wasn't working. "How come you don't love me?"

This was my time to use the best excuse: "I have a boyfriend, sorry".

This tactic proved unsuccessful, "But it's only one night". God damn it, that was a good one . It's okay, it's okay, just dance the problem off. Ignore it.

Nope. "But I told you I love you! Why won't you kiss me?"

Then this is when the problem gets rolling. We left the club to go back to the plaza and head to those discotecas to dance with the white boys.  I never thought I'd knowingly head towards the dance floor with the most white boys, but we did. This is when I was just dragged around by the guide. not a moment was allowed to not have my hand in theirs. Not a glance at another guy was permitted. Not a whisper was tolerated to Leslie or Liz. You know, more of the sort that is along the lines of "HELP ME!" My fate looked doomed. The hands were roaming a little too uncomfortable for me.

"I love your body." Oh god, how wretched a situation, I thought. Kisses on my back. Oh shit.

I was dragged to another club with the crew. Liz was drunk. She fell on the floor in the middle of the plaza, then proceeded to start trying to run away. This was a great strategy, for the guide started chasing after Liz. A painfully short taste of freedom. I needed more of it, like a heroin addict on his crash.

Then I saw a brief window of opportunity. I ran. I abandoned Liz to some creeper in the next bar and Leslie to the vice that was the guide and ran. Apparently at the other club, Leslie ran too. That meant Drunk Liz was sacrificed. I was okay with it.

They found us again. The looks were of daggers. I'm fearful. I just turned and was engulfed in the crowd, found some friends. Told them of my woes, they enjoyed it more than me. Luckily, Abigail never found me in the crowd due to her drunkenness.

Oh! That's right. Did I forget to mention the guide was a girl?

ex's and oh's
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photo by: Vlindeke