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so turns out my guts turn inside out at 4,550m. i made it 5 days hiking with soroche, continuously climbing to about 5,000m. i do not recommend it, its not fun. but from what i do remember, it was awesome. i wasn't in the Andes; i was on the Andes. the sights were amazing. but its not so healthy to continue ascending when you've got altitude sickness, risks like your brain or your lungs filling with fluids. i didn't think that sounded like a party. i opted to return to sorata. i left the girls with my camera, so it will be just like i was there. by the time I'm 80 I'll be too senile to know the difference anyway. upon my return, it was the most glorious shower i ever had, despite the fact it was freezing cold- I've never needed to scrub so hard to get all the dirt off. now the family of flies weren't following me around. so sorata is fucking awesome. if i had kept hiking,  i would have missed out on too much. it´s this little pueblo in the Andes and today is basically a dance off in the plaza between all the local pueblos. they're being judged on choreography, music, and costume. also, when i was reading in the garden of the hostel, a bunch of non-English speaking people from la paz invited me to their breakfast (free- my favorite). the old man (like 70) fell in love with me, and keeps serenading me in Spanish. don't know what he's saying really. though they don't really know what I'm saying either. i also met an elder lady from S.F. that is a Quaker and has been leading me around town. (Did you know Bolivia has the 3rd highest population of Quakers?) i got to see the blessing ceremony of a house after they install the roof. can anyone else say that? no. OH! then i met some guy from Barcelona that has a rats tail. but he speaks english- so i don't mind too much. all i know is that in 3 days the girls return from the hike and we go back to la paz to pick up Leslie's 18 y.o. cousin who is white and gangly and doesn't know any Spanish. maybe mountain bike down the ¨Most Dangerous Road in the World¨, then we're off to lake Titicaca- hopefully to go to isla del sol where the incan god Wiracocha last stood before he ascended into the sky. you know- the usual. there's supposed to be some pretty rad incan ruins and such. then towards Cuzco, to do a 7 day hike up the back of machu picchu... its about 5 times cheaper than the Inca trail-  my kind of deal. then its off to Santiago to go board the Chilean Andes with Ignacio. he tells me there is ¨too much snow¨. all i know is i can't wait to get there. my plans kinda dwindle after the 15th.. i'm by myself after that. who knows, i told the elder lady that i might go volunteer at the Quaker school in la paz till my flight home. who knows.
well this keyboard is frustratingly hard to type on, so i'll leave off there. i miss you all terribly. and i love love love the updates:
anna lay off the Jose, i need your liver to be intact when i get home
lauren p. when do you return to sb???,
ms. mimi- i hope you plan on returning to sb for my inaugurational return to the states,
anna + mimi are you 21 by august?
brittany, just make the freshie your slave girl.
i hope everyone survived graduation
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