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Easyjet Supersave flies to the rescue once again and we decided to hop on a plane to Milan for the weekend. This is a long time ago now so it's vague in my memory and I had only a crappy camera back then but I have scanned what I took. My meagre 7 photos!

First impression, it was probably a mistake, it's a catholic country and everything's closed for the weekend/siesta/religious reasons! So we mostly just wandered around trying to locate sights and restaurants. The odd thing about Milan is that a side street that looks deserted and potentially dangerous will probably house a fantastic restaurant that would appear, to someone not armed with a guidebook with listed opening times, closed. If we hadn't known what streets to walk down we would have died of hunger searching hopelessly for good food that wasn't over-priced and aimed at tourists. Get a guidebook with some food translations at the back, and avoid the trattorias with the english translations on the menus.

We found the Duomo which sadly was undergoing some kind of renovation because it is a spectacular cathedral, but we covered up our bare shoulders and entered. Memory fails me, but I think it was probably very beautiful. Near the Piazza Duomo we also found the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and also the Leonardo Memorial. Later in the afternoon we checked out the Pinacoteca di Brera.

Nearby we found some good shopping streets. I still wear many of the clothes I bought here to this day, and never get tired of people asking me 'Where did you buy that?' 'Oh I got it in Milan....' Hehe.

The final night we asked the hotel (near the Pirelli Towel designed by Gio Ponti) we we could find some 'milanese cucina tipica' as we had had difficulty finding anything but the usual Italian fare. So they directed us to a nearby restaurant. Here we enjoyed a lovely meal, though we fell foul of not knowing how entre, primi and secondi piatti worked! And we attempted our, then, very rubbish Italian, as a mark of respect. Though gladly we were spared our continued ravaging of the beautiful language after our efforts had been appreciated. I only wish I could remember what is was called...
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photo by: williamsworld