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So we get up, and get to the train station, which thankfully is 2 minutes away.  So we get on our train, and after a very long ride on a rather slow train, we finally make it to Paris.  Next comes the fun part.  We have to take the metro to another train station and be on the next train in less than 1 hour.  So we grab our stuff, hop on the metro, and thankfully we only have one transfer, and we get there in maybe 20 or so minutes. But we can't find our train platform, and we're running out of time. So I go into the information desk, to ask about our train, since its not even posted, and the guy tells me 26, which I have no idea what he means.  Then we realize he means platform 26.  I was so worried we didn't have a train or we were at the wrong station (even though our tickets said here) I didn't even realize what he was saying!  

So we're by like 10, so we start walking really quickly, and get on the train, only to find people in our seats.  Thankfully we had reserved our seats, so after a bit of confusion and awkward conversation, we kicked them out, and took our places. 

Now the whole train ride, there are a couple of maybe high school age americans who are being rather immature and obnoxious, and sitting not to far from us.  So lots of French people keep on looking at them with annoying, and we're starting to get rather annoyed ourselves, and rather embarrassed that we come from the same country.  We thought about telling them something about their behavior, but decided that it would be better to let it go, and leave it up to the French to snub them. 

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photo by: Sweetski