Leaving Besancon and the CLA!!

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So I'm all ready to leave, and I get back from the last day of classes at the CLA, only to find that no one from my host family is home.  Which is fantastic, because I was planning on paying them that day, and I had taken out 700 euros to do so.  To make it even better, for some reason, the Grandpa, who happens to live about 1 hour away in the country, and who met less than a week ago just so happens to be at the house.  The great news is I can't understand him and he has trouble hearing. So I end up missing the first bus, waiting and trying to ask Grandpa where everyone is.  So then I end up calling Steph in a panic since the next bus will get me there 15 minutes before the train leaves, and she has the same problem, only one of her host brothers is there and can take us.  So I grab my stuff and dash for her house, which is a good walk, and I don't quite know the way.  But I make it, and her dad drives us to the train station.  But we hit a lot of traffic, and for a while it seems like we won't even make it.  One of the other kids is there, and we can't find the other, and the train has started boarding, and we only have about 15 minutes. So we try calling him but can't reach him.  Finally we see him running up with his stuff, and we composter our tickets and hop on the train.  Wow, we've almost messed up in the very begining. 
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photo by: tabithablee