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Cost me 85 USD at the Ticketing Office in Saigon - Return ticket from HCM to Nha Trang .Travel Agents would charge 5 USD extra.  The flight took a very short 1 hour. Upon arrival at the airport, I decided to take a mini-bus to the city centre and take a cab from there. The bus ticket cost me 25,000 dong in a comfortable mercedes mini-van. Compare this directly to choosing to take a direct cab which would cost no less than 150,000 dong. Its very easy to get a cab from the city centre bus station, and subsequently cost me 15,000 dong to bring me to Biet Thu Street. I think its walkable - say about a 10-15 minute walk if you wish to. ( See my Review of Perfume Grass in)

After checking in and dumping my suitcase, I really honestly didn't know where to go. I hadn't really planned for this trip well or bothered to buy a copy of Lonely Planet. Taking a walk to the beach from Biet Thu Street 3 minutes away walking to your right side ( I think) , I passed the Sailing Club and made a mental note. Walking further down 5 minutes would bring you to Lousiane Brewery. ( See Review on Lousiane Brewery). Nice pool. I met a guy and a girl from Canada whilst sitting by the pool side. They later invited to go partying at the Sailing Club with them. For the next 3 days, the pair and another American girl I met at the same place became ' the crew' for the next 3 days. Partying, Vin Pearl Island and partying and partying.

After hanging by the pool for a couple hours, we tucked into a huge lobster size crayfish on the beach. It was delicious. See pic. It cost about 100,000 dong for the crayfish. 50,000 more for some conch, which I honestly found wasn't it - skip that. I bought a mango for 10,000. A nice finish to fresh awesome seafood.

Pre-party drinks found us at Guava, just 3 minutes away from the Perfume Grass in. Prior to that I found out that in my last minute haste, I had forgotten to bring a number of toiletries. Again next to Guava bar, a convenience shop with a surprisingly decent range of necessities was available. Back to Guava, its a great starter, the people are friendly. The manager/dj is pretty friendly guy with a mass of luxurious ringlets/tresses, whom I found surprisingly dishy. Which really is not my usual taste, because guys with shaven heads usually take the cake! But I digress. We also met a Aussie couple there as well. Together a group of 6.

We left for the Sailing Club.

There wasn't much of sea breeze at the Sailing Club. That made for a sweaty, thick and humid dancefloor. We found out way to the beach where tables/mats/kerosene lamps were laid out - where a nicely numbered group of 6 to 7 ( including dishy deejay ;) went through beers, cigarettes in intermitten conversation. Thoroughly enjoyable.

After which - supper time called. At the corner directly opposite Asia Paradise Hotel, an old lady vendor sets up her nocturnal stall. The infamous Mama Thy's Bo Ne. Where famished revellers after a night of drunken, pill popping and hip gyrations slow and recharge. Then the night ended for me at 3 or 4 am. I had been up 22 hours straight - no pills no coffee.

I crashed.


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