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We were in Lyon for a week.  This is were we planned to watch the Argentina game against Georgia and hopefully be afforded some close-ups with the All Blacks via our media passes. 

Here are some quick observations about the city:

1. Hands down one of the cleanest and most liveable of cities I have ever been to.  A wonderful mix of cosmopolitan perks like great shopping and super-efficient public transport; lots of history, including a UNESCO World Heritage site Old Town from the Renaissance and Roman ruins; University town atmosphere with lots of young people; AMAZING weather; lots and lots of eateries and cafes; beautiful natural surroundings.

2.  The people are quite easy going, ambling about their streets in nothing resembling a hurry. 

3. On the slightly frustrating side: I discovered that few there seemed capable of forming a queue without trampling you to death, hmm... and then, there's the drinking thing...I realize I must sound like a lush, but it's the World Cup!  Let loose, a little!  French pubs tend to feel like high school cafeterias, where everyone's fighting over a table and the cool kids gossip about the people they don't like.  No one heard of dancing on tables, buying people drinks, being silly in general?  Not to say that didn't go on, but it was always in an 'Expat' bar, I guess because everyone knows that those are the places where anything goes.  An Aussie pub is like Vegas.  Anyway, I could not believe when I heard reports of people going nuts in places like Toulouse.  Maybe I was just in the wrong town.  Where I was, the party was usually brought by all the foreign fans.  They're not all un-obnoxious, but I must say, I was never happier to see a Scotsman in a kilt walking through the door...To be fair, though, I wasn't harrassed nearly as much by boys in French pubs as I have been in other countries.  I guess every coin has two sides...

4. Did I mention the AMAZING weather?

petit_gooroo says:
Sorry for your team... :/ It was a great match though ;)
However, I hope you still enjoy you stay!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2007
carolaperla says:
When I think of all the big French rugby clubs, I realize you're quite right about the South West :-) I probably should have taken that into account when I planned my trip. Considering that France is a regular Six Nations winner, though, I was surprised that rugby is not more popular throughout the country. I'm happy it will be now. I just wish it would not have been at the expense of my team, ;-( sniff sniff...
Posted on: Oct 07, 2007
petit_gooroo says:
Rugby is really more popular in the South of France, and even more in the South West (Toulouse ;), than in the rest of the country where the popular sport is football!
But popularity of rugby in the county is definitly going to raise considering the good result of the team ;)
Posted on: Oct 07, 2007
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