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Preparation for travelling can be tricky. How much stuff to take?  I'm going to be carrying everything on my back so it's all about the kilos. I have to separate the wheat (e.g. camera, travel towel, sunblock) from the chaff (laptop, tent, encyclopedia brittanica). What's doubly annoying is most of the stuff I need, I don't have. Some major (expensive) shopping trips are in order. For instance, why did I never manage to acquire a rucksack in my whole life? Too much borrowing in my past....

Thailand has required the most attention in terms of preparation. It's the only country I need a visa for (one-way ticket + no proof of leaving country) and also I had to go get all my shots done (polio, typhoid, diptheria, tetanus, hepatitis A). I'm sure it will be worth the hassle :)

Next question: Do I want to plan a detailed itinerary or just go with the flow? My 3 weeks in S.E. Asia is a bit of a no-brainer. I have to travel a few thousand kilometres overland in that time so I'm planning to do that little by little (all aboard the night trains). What complicates matters is that I have to avoid some areas of South Thailand to get to Malaysia due to a travel warning issued by various Foreign Offices.

When I get to New Zealand, I'm planning to rent a car. Rates are really cheap there (apparently) especially as it's off season. I might be able to get a car for the whole month for €300 - €350. There, my itinerary will be less fixed - just me, a car and the open road. Might pick up some travel companions on the way, you never know.

That's all I've thought about so far, there is the small matter of 3 months in Oz after my time in NZ, but I'll be staying with a friend for a couple of weeks there so will have plenty of time to decide what to do. I'm just really glad I'll be in Sydney for Christmas and New Year's, have an Australian friend in Dublin coming to Sydney at that time so should be a blast.

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