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Maartin and Ilsa left (for Goenka meditation centres up north) yesterday, Dan and Adam left (for Kanchanaburi) the day before.

Tim and I are still here at Mini House with Koi'sy in Bangkok(who is becoming popular with the local Thais!), near the Kao San Road. 200 Baht a night for a VERY basic room is about as cheap as you can get in a popular place like this.

     We have been introduced to the 'Rainbow Gathering'. A meeting set up once every so often, in a different location each time, around the world. Like minded travellers gather in a home-made camp with no electric, all eco friendly facilities (toilets are holes in the ground) and the area is supposed to be left as it is found with minimal damage, if any! There is even a no-drinking, no smoking, no drugs rule! Cool. They will be having 'workshops' of Yoga, meditation and the like.

     The run up to the main period of the camp (over Christmas) involves small gatherings of people that want to or will be going to the 'meeting', in a park near Kao San Road. You see what I can only describe as a mix of 'new age travellers'(dreads,piercings and fishermans pants) and Thai youths(mostly in grunge styled clothing)practicing exercises of co-ordination ((hoola-hoop, balancing sticks, twirling giant cotton buds,swinging chains with tassles (sometimes of fire) on the end, juggling, balancing crystal balls, and rubber gyros being flung into the air and caught with a piece of string)).A bit like a circus. Then I saw the hugging and the smoking,people playing instruments. Some of the people that were there I knew were avid beer drinkers and smokers and I wonder if they'll be going to Ranong. It will be a disappointment to find the advertised green camp to be tainted. (apparently there was a meeting in the UK but it was not good!)

     It's not our scene maaaan. We were going , now were are not, after realising a couple of things.

    I know I only have to shut myself in a room to meditate and escape everything, I don't need to be on a beach,in a jungle, desert or 5,000 miles from 'home' . It is all relative, and I am putting into practice what I have learnt on the retreat. I could do with a little guidance though. Must seek 'teacher'!

     I think we shall be going to Hua Hin by train in the next day or two, then after a night in Hua Hin, a train to Chumporn, then then following day, a boat to Ko Tao where Tim will complete a diving course and I shall meditate, play with Koi,snorkel on the beach and look for little hermit crabs with no shell, so I can give one a good home (mini plastic bottle).

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photo by: Deats