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Saturday 19th August 2006. Had a lie-in! Woke about 8am and took Koi to the roof where we played a little • she loves to be chased around the floor-skidding and prancing like a child doing their damndest to evade being caught in a game of ‘Tag’.

I went to the ‘Dragon Restaurant’ downstairs for breakfast. I opted for a traditional Tibetan meal, steamed vegetarian 'Momos' (like 3inch pasties made of dough filled with what you fancy-you can have them steamed,fried or in soups). They arrived 20 minutes later. I thought they were very nourishing,filling (10 pieces)and a good use of cabbage and ginger. So, with a good start to the day (and cheap at R25), I returned to the apartment having collected Koi form the roof and decided to do a spot of 'shopping' and get change for the breakfast bill. I got biscuits (they looked like ‘Happy Faces’ of which I am attached to in England),toilet roll,’Guggal’ incense ‘dough’, a tea cloth then returned to the apartment.(shopping bill was R35!)

...You know when you put something somewhere...thinking that something might happen to it if you put it there?     Well that was my thought when I returned to the apartment and placed the biscuits on the bed, ready for my cup of coffee that I was going to make on my return from paying the breakfast bill. Well, on my return the biscuits had inevitably disappeared. Instead of me being immediately angry, I was a little elated to see I had thought correctly. Koi had left the empty packet on the floor having scoffed the lot! I picked up the packet and showed it to her, growling in disagreement of her touching it. I could not reprimand her, the moment of wrong doing had passed. It would only serve to make her frightened of my approaching her. Inside I was giggling,also at my stupidity for not listening to my inner sensibility. ‘When will I learn?’ Oh well, they were ‘crap’ sustenance anyhow. I hoped Koi enjoyed them and opened her food box for her to eat her proper dog 'biscuits'!

I have made a ‘to-do’ list , it is good for me to be organised, but I have had a habit of procrastinating in the past (enjoying something else, usually more trivial and unimportant , as I evade the more urgent tasks at hand). I fear I am enjoying the ‘day off’ from the teachings. A spare day, to do as I wish, but it is this kind of day where nothing gets done, due to procrastination and 'vegetation'. I was afterall, given the name ‘Cabbage’ for some reason! 

It is now 1215hrs and I have not done anything on the list. As ‘Mark and Lard’ would say on English Radio One, GET TO WORK!”


Good news from Tim. Checking the Email today I found an email from him. He is enjoying the motorbike ride with Dan and Adam, they are now resting in Leh.

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McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes