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Who put that there? A bindi was placed upon my forehead during the Boddhisattva Ceremony performed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Friday 18th August 2006. Only half a day of teaching today, as I found out, after rushing back to the Temple. Oh,well! Another lesson about ignorance. After all, I was of a small minority of persons looking expectant outside the hall. The majority must have heard something different from myself. I was sure the interpreter stated that the class would resume at 130pm and the ceremony for the Koreans was at 2pm. But I remember him stating also, that we were to collect up our cushions as we leave the morning session. That was IT then!

I popped into the reception and made sure it was finished. The man told me it was indeed finished and that the Dalai Lama was going to Mongolia tomorrow. So much for the 19th on my attendance/ID card. It was a ‘mistake’ he said. So off I toddled as it started to rain.

I decided to go to the Library to see if Va-Va (Wey Wey) was there and if she’d managed to ask about ordination (fat chance now! I realise I am ‘wanting,wanting!’) It was by now lashing down with the usual monsoon rain, but I still headed to the library determined.

The rain caused gutters and rooftops to spill their contents, spreading across the roads like a river that had burst it’s banks. My socked and sandaled feet were soaked through. Mud cordial found a route down the steep hill and stained my white socks as I passed through it. A lone donkey, hobbled (tied)at its front ankles, stood hopelessly in the downpour. I felt for it so much I crept up to it and shared my brolley with it for a moment, until I convinced myself it must be used to the weather here! I tickled his cheek and after an Indian told me it was ‘1 and half kilometres’ to the library ( and looking like a drowned rat) decided to take the upper path to where I believed to be Jogiwara Road and Hotel Ladies Venture.

At one point the streams running across the road were so fast and deep, I thought I’d be swept away! I even considered that peoples homes get carried away in mudslides. A usual occurance in these parts of the world. I was right , and made it to Dorjee’s place to let him know I’d be there at 6pm. I didn’t realize that the umbrella I’d been using, was not 'waterproof'. My face was wet from the drops of rain ontop of the brolley. It had pelted down so hard onto the fabric, they pushed their way through! Hand me that kiddies plastic Winnie the Pooh brolley please, it’ll do a much better job! Maybe I’d better get some wellies too!

Made it back to the apartment, showered, changed, had some noodles. Koi was good and hadn’t chewed anything. Cleaned the floor, changed the bed sheets, went to translate for Dorjee. At 1930hrs, went to the shop for sundries, on exiting the store, saw a Thai Theravadin Monk so I greeted, “Sawadee Kaa!” with a ‘Wai’ . He turned around and looked bemused, then smiled. (I was 'Wanting, wanting!' • a response). I rushed back to the apartment, feeling a little ashamed of 'wanting' a response from a monk. Something I should reflect upon before meditation.

That is something important I have learned this week. When I make a mistake, I should not let it pass, ignore it or simply forget it. I need to reflect upon that mistake, to see what went wrong,how,why, so that I can become wiser and not make the same mistake. I can now appreciate people, elders and teachers having been impatient with me in the past, “I have already told you • why do I have to keep telling you • I shouldn’t have to keep on telling you!” Like I said yesterday, I should WAKE UP and listen to those mistakes. They are obviously trying to tell me something, like ‘watch, listen and learn, this is how not to do it and why not to do it like this • this is what happens when you do it like this! There! Hurts doesn’t it?’ (Therein lies the suffering!)  Ommmmmmmmmmmm!

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Who put that there? A bindi was pl…
Who put that there? A bindi was p…
McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes