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Wednesday 16th August 2006. I realised I’d got my dates mixed up; I thought it was Thursday already! That means all my paper diary entries are mixed up! Oops. After yesterdays finding of extra rations for Koi, I found a stray dog mooching around this 3rd floor (5 flights of stairs up) I saw him go up the metal stairwell unto the roof, and came back down. He did a runner when I scared him away, but I think he came back as our little bin outside the front door had been raided, again. I reckon it was the stray dog. I worried even more when I brought Koi downstairs to that apartment, with two patches of what appeared to be dried spittle on her rump and thigh. I hope the stray hadn’t ‘taken advantage’ of her while she was tied upstairs. Oh my! But I don’t think she’s on heat, otherwise I’d be concerned she’d be attracting more local dogs! I might be safer to keep her in the apartment from now on, well, only really Thursday and Friday to go.

HH the Dalai Lama stated there would be a Boddhicitta ceremony tomorrow so I can only imagine that is included in the times of the teachings. Had a meeting with Dorjee, a local Tibetan who translates for books and meetings. He tells me about Tibet, I teach him grammar and spelling on his computer. Dorjee is currently translating a book in connection with a female Tibetan author (of books and poems) Woeser, who’s publications have been banned, if not published, simply for speaking about the Chinese invasion /integration on Tibet. Dorjee is very sad upon reflection of his homeland, which is evident in his face. The atrocities are disturbing, yet do any people with power in the ‘Western World’ seem to care enough to ‘Free Tibet’, its captives or the ‘real Panchen Lama’?  Does anyone out the KNOW who the Panchen Lama is?

It seems that unless a country has something to offer the ’Western World’  i.e.; metals(Russia),minerals, jewels, oil(Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan), gas(Afghanistan), human cheap labour(India/China), cheap exported products (China),Cannabis & Opium(Afghanistan / Pakistan / India)…then you have nothing to offer, and if you have nothing to offer the ‘Western World’ apart from maybe Tourism, which can often be negative (like child prostitution, or increase logging, soil degradation etc, and drugs) then the ‘Western World is not interested, therefore, no help when things get tough. The Western World is just too busy making money to line its pockets. (that is usually struggling, like Cambodia’s Lanka and Tibet. The thing is with these three aforementioned countries, is that they have been putting up with death on a daily occurrence for years! (Forgive me: Yes there are more countries than this where the Western World should be doing more, but I cannot comment on them as I have not spoken with their people or been to those countries (like South America, Africa, China). Is the Western World leaders acquiescing, letting it happen, because they have no interest, because they aren’t going to make a buck out of helping? Do they only want to help for a reward, for payment? What happened to true generosity, from the kindness of ones heart? All too much, nowadays, people are so concerned (in the West) with their OWN things, wants, needs desires, problems, YES self-centered and selfish. What happened to our family values, community spirit and society? It all went behind closed doors and hidden away, keeping it to themselves, it’s MINE, GET OFF MY LAND and don’t come back! I hate what we have become in the west and wish we were more 'family and community spirited' like those in the east. More love (wishing someone safe and well, free from harm)!

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McLeod Ganj
photo by: Stevie_Wes