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    • DATE: Wednesday 13th September 2006.
    • TIME: 1350
    • PLACE: TLC,Dharamsala, India.
    • WEATHER: Heavy showers, misty cloud

Woke at 0545hrs. Was dry and sunny this morn! Aching after lots of exercise yesterday. Took dogs outside to enjoy the sunshine this morning. Puppy was doing ‘play bows’ at my feet. I had red walking shoes on and she was trying to get me to play with her, only her kind of play is chewing at the moment. It was good to see her prancing about doing play bows, very funny. I was glad to see her tail was able to wag after all, not broken then!

I forgotten to mention yesterday, as I was on my way to my room after class, I saw Kilash with a Tibetan friend, who was holding my ‘taken’ umbrella. I wasn’t going to say stolen because I don’t know if he was just ‘borrowing’ it. As they were about to pass me I said," Ah, my umbrella!" Kilash said that he’d told the chap it was my umbrella earlier. It was a shame the chap didn’t leave it outside my door, considering they were just leaving the gate of our rooms. Perhaps he ‘forgot’. Maybe I should have asked if he owned one. If not I should have told him he could keep it, considering I’ve bought a new one. C’est La Vie!

I attended class.

The first part of this philosophy class quote is missing. I shall try to recover it for next time....

      • content and happy. and when we treat people like kings (not for any kind of reward or thanks, but for the purpose of letting go of our anger, it shifts the focus off ourselves and on to loving kindness for others.
          • So when you feel angry, GO HELP SOMEONE!

The more aware you are of your emotions, the more you can practice subduing the disturbing emotions and the more in control you will be of your own mind, instead of letting it controlling you!

Take responsibility for your own mind!

So if we practice as above, the disturbing emotions will diminish. We mustn’t forget our good virtues either! It is a little ‘victory’ to control our disturbing emotions just once! So each time we control it, again and again, we are calming ourselves, staying in control. And by doing this, we and others benefit as we have prevented ourselves from suffering, but others with the knock on effect it ususally has too!

It is a gradual process and it takes time and effort. We will be able to recognise when a situation is likely to occur that will make disturbing emotions arise, and be ready to nip them in the bud.

It is said, there are three stages during the day that disturbing emotions are likely to occur.

      • At night time through to morning we are usually too tired to think properly that confusion is likely to occur.
      • During the day when we go to work we can be so tired and stressed, find ourselves in provocative situations that we are in danger of becoming angry when things aren’t going right.
      • In the evening when we collapse at home from work, we are wanting something to ‘please’ us like nice food, drink, entertainment and we succumb easily to desire.

So we have to be careful, alert and subdue when we are aware of the disturbing emotions. Three words to remember for this :

    • Mindfulness (Think about what is constructive for you and others)
    • Mental Alertness (Be aware of what you are doing and thinking)
    • Concientiousness (Pull back from negative /unconstructive things)

Anyone can do this, you don’t have to be Buddhist!

Puppy’s got a new coat! Well, it’s nearly all there. Her new hair is growing amongst the longershaggy red hairHer new hair is almost a cm long, and shiny light brown. I am currently trying to pull of the dead lice eggs that were cemented to her long hairs when she was poorly. (There must be about 300, so one by one! The lice shampoo for dogs really does the tick! lol

Tibetan monk Ogen came around after 5pm. Gave me the opportunity to help with his spoken english again. I said he’d like to come each evening between 5 and 6 when I am available and after his lessons. I hope he is progressing well, he has a good understanding of english anyway.



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