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Puppy 'Puppy'!

TLC, Dharamsala, India.

    I produced a poster to request a ‘home for ‘puppy’’.

    I noticed the insects that were full bodied, clear (0.5mm), now they are flat and dry but still latched on to the hair close to the skin. This convinces me the ‘bed bath’ I carried out on ‘puppy’ has worked well.

    Today I shall give her the second dose of Ivermectin. 5 drops from the sharp end of the needle (I might have killed her with an overdose if I had accepted the advice I was given locally. Instead I researched the drug on the internet for as much as I could before giving it to the pup. I strongly recommend that people research any drug they are about to give any sentient being they do not wish to kill!)

    I also purchased Butox®vet containing 1.25% Deltamethrin which can be used as a spray or dip to kill mites, ticks, lice, flies (ectoparasitic infestations)!

    I shall research this on the internet (as I cannot trust the availability or credability of local advice as it stands). I need to know if I can use it on the pup as she is already having a medication internally, though this Butox is for external use only. I still have to check as it could have adverse effects on such a small dog!

    For any locals wishing to use:

    • Butox® (1.25% Deltamethrin)68Rupees
    • Parid® (1% Ivermectin) 26Rupees

they were both purchased in ‘Babur’ Pharmacy, Lower Dharamsala, Himchal Pradesh, India.

    Just before I came out, Rita and I heard a puppy scream for its life as a man beat it with a stick over the head, the cries faded away. I went and looked but couldn't find a puppy...

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Puppy Puppy!
Puppy 'Puppy'!
photo by: jeaniejeanie