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Belly Tickle for puppy

TLC, Dharamsala, India.

Went to class, very apt again today.More about why to be respectful,courteues polite,compassionate towards persons who are being negative. Also answered a question I asked. When do we not associate with ‘fools’ if we are to continue to be compassionate towards to ‘unwise’ Associiation being the key word. Don’t mix, socialise,spend quality time with ‘fools' or the unwise. Howewver it should not stop us striving otot try to help th unwise and fools as we have an opportunity toi help the m. It is seen as giving, being generous, helping with your body and mind, a very bodhisattva thing to do.

So we should not have fools or unwise a friends though we can still lbe courteous,polite,and have compassion for them , which shows through trying to help them by giving them good advice that will benefit them.

I was expecting to speak with a monk at 1700hrs but he didn’t arrive. I was speaking with Rita next door when puppy screamed.

I knew she was around Rita’s end of the apartment block, on a balcony with no edges. She fell off, about 15 feet down into nettles and glass. She went quiet.

I raced around the block to get to her. She was still, no sound. I crept up to her, not knowing if a mongoose had gotten her, scorpion or snake amongst the undergrowth. She lifted her little head, I took a chance to pick her up. At least she was still alive, maybe she broke a bone? I checked her over gently, nothing obvious,scurried back up to the apartment and gave her some 'comfort food' and another MOT. She was good. Must be bruised though! Poor thing.Puppy was meant to live! I was pleased she was not badly harmed.

I heard a voice outside the gate, one I recognised, Tim! There he stood at the gate, I let Koi run to see him, she was soooo pleased, wiggly waggly tail and licking her lips in excitement.

Tim, Dan and Adam are all in Dharamsala stocking up on bike bits and Tim thought he’d pop in to see me, Koi and the puppy.

Tim showed me his ‘jellybelly’ saying he’s put on a little weight. We would stay in touch via email whist he arranges the paragliding course in Manali and I arrange the leg to Delhi to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama on October the 8th. Tim and I will meet again before Oct 8th to pass Koi over to Tim whilst I am in Delhi. Then we plan to head to Nepal where we shall team up again at some point before entering Nepal. Then a drive through Nepal to Lumbini where I shall, if allowed, stay at the Burmese monastery for one month. I do not know if I can be ordained in the Burmese tradition yet, I am awaiting the email reply.

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Belly Tickle for puppy
Belly Tickle for puppy
photo by: jeaniejeanie