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'and the cow jumped over the moon!'

TLC, Dharamsala, India.

Something to Think about.

The laptop is playing up big style, don’t know how much longet it’ll last. It has trouble starting, a message comes up on the screen on start up, something about ‘Dump’ , ‘Configuration’ and ‘Restart’

I’ve managed to get this far and because of this frightener, started saving straight to the flash card.

I was writing a thought I had down about how we really ‘mature’ when we no longer are affected by trivial or ‘worldly’ things(things that are not productive for us spiritually and generally mundane things like fashion,cuisine,entertainment etc. which we are easily affected emotionally by.)

Do we grow up when we see that these wordly things do not really matter, they are not ‘important’ to us because (as we always say but may not really understand) ‘It’s what’s inside that matters!’

Up ‘til now we have been wrapped up in things that do not matter, things that are unimportant.

Puppy trying her new place after successfully summiting the mountain top!
It is worth doing a list each night before bed;What is really important to your happiness, bearing in mind that material possessions like toys,fancy clothes,tasy but un-nutritious food are all gone when used or consumed. Important things for the welfare, happiness and health are not tangible things, the truly important things are compassion,knowledge,equanimity,generosity as well as the warmth,food and shelter that is necessary for basic survival.

I am not suggesting that we should only live with these bare essentials, but maybe if we didn’t crave,desire,want,wish for bigger and better, we would probably suffer a lot less.

I believe we truly should be greatful for what we’ve got, whatever it is, good or bad. Evenif only The hardships in life serve to teach us patience, tolerance,compassion; these are vital lessons we do not simply get in our regular education, nor does anyone specifically teach us these things on request!

I like to say that every mistake I make, I learn a lesson.

Strangely reminds me of someone I used to work for. !
Therefore the more mistakes I make, the more I (should!) learn. If I didn’t make mistakes, ask questions, how ignorant would I remain? Wrapped up in my own little world,

With each parcel or ‘gift’ of information we receive, we go out and try to use on the big wide world, we make a mistake if we get it wrong, so what! At least we are trying and learning what works and doesn’t , what is true and false. If I never travelled to see what is going on in other countries, how ignorant would I remain?

There may be such propaganda about a country to make you think it’s a nice place. But when you speak to the countries people, you may find out what you are NOT told about a country that can be quite shocking. It makes you wonder about the intentions of the people ruling the countries.

Like I mentioned in a previous journal, anyone who wants power, usually ought not to get it.

Puppy runs rings around Tracy

Thought: ‘Lead people by Example,do not ‘control’ them with power.’

Get out there,see the world,meet the people,come see! See for yourself! See with your own eyes,hear with your own ears,taste with your own tongue,feel with your own feelings!

Remember this: The things people report to you on the news, in the media, word of mouth, whatever anyone else informs you, are always someone elses interpretation. We ought to know the facts before we make up our own mind about anything.ANYTHING! Even these words are only one persons opinion on things. See for yourself, seek the truth. Don’t be ignorant, ask, ask, ask, look, look, look, go, go, go!

You know that other peoples tastes vary from your own, whether it be in clothes, colours, taste of food, style of home, religion etc.

Puppy blows raspberries in the face of adversity!
So why should we totally think something is ‘true’ just on someone elses say so?

This is also why there is a big difference between thinking, believing and knowing. Do you know the difference?

I am also trying to ‘give up’ on that which I cannot control. This thought came to me whilst washing up (again). It was initially after being in turmoil about the fact that other unauthorised persons from other blocks were using (still are) the shower that is only meant for 3 residents in this block. When I say ‘give up’ I mean give up using my emotions, or ‘let go’ of the strings of emotion I am attached to, rather like a puppet on strings.

My deluded and irrational mind is having a field day controlling this mind, but I see I am merely holding onto the other ends of the strings! Attached! It is merely in my mind that I am attached, my own mind, yet I am letting external/wordly things sontrol it! How silly of me! How childish not to be in control of myself!

What will become of me if I let go of these strings? Free fall? Of course not! Common sense will be in control, the one that is guided by fact, common knowledge and sensible,right thoughts, wise thoughts,good thoughts.

Saturday Night Fever! Oh YEAH!
Let the battle with ‘Mara’ commence once again. Until I have cut it from the root! Then Mara will no longer have a hold over me.

Sometimes people deal with their inner demons by imaging them to be another person, but also have to be careful not to let that other person become someone ‘real’ inside their head! It could drive you insane!

Some think of their mental problems like the problem is aside from themselves, a seperate entity.Maybe this is where ‘Mara’ derived from, the enemy within?

I do not wish to affect people with my opinions, I only wish for the truth to hopefully alleviate their suffering, for I too am suffering and learning, trying not to be blinded by ignorance. If I make a good example, I will be showing them the way.Should they like what they see, they will come, ask, wish to seek and know the truth.

"Forgive me if I do not interact with you, I am a person with many afflictions, just lke you. Forgive me if I do not sepnd time with you, I wish you no harm and wish for you not to become troubled with my own afflictions, surely you had better try to deal with yours only!

If you see me fit to ask advice, please do, I will not lie.

If I do not answer a question you have asked, of my problems, I may not answer, for they are personal, unique to my set of circumstaces and lifes contributions upon me alone. How can I explain this lifetimes experience are why I am doing what I am doing now? What good will my experiences be to you? We have to experience life with our own feelings!

Yes we are similar, but my tastes,tendencies, and path may not be the same as yours. Yes we both seek happiness, how and when we get there may be different. You may think my ways are ‘bad’ , but I am learning , just like you.

I am not perfect, neither are you, so we both do things differently according to our own experiences and knowledge. Knowledge being the key word as opposed to ignorance. But if I have no ‘know’ledge and experience of what the truly ‘best’ way to do something is, how can I ‘know’ that what you are doing in truly ‘wrong’?

If you advise that is is best for my domesticated dog to run free up near the old peoples home because it is quiet, I will probably not accept the advice. Why? You might think, she needs to be free and comfortable, with lots of space?

I cannot begin to try to explain to you. Do you really know what is best for this dog? You may know for dogs in general, but this dog, like some others needs different treatment."


"Therefore I shall teach this dog, ways in which you may not be aware of, just because I am not doing it the way which you believe to be the ‘best’ way, does not mean what I am doing is truly the ‘wrong’ way.

Can I reply? Explain all of this to you when you are making a remark about how this dog should be treated as you are on your way out the gate? How could I possibly begin my defence?

Therefore I do not. Maybe your mind is not ready, you just wanted to express your thoughts.This is fine. But ones mind should be corrected if deluded thoughts are making you speak perhaps the wrong things.

I will remain courteus, polite, and thank you for your advice,even when not wanted! You will be my teacher each time we meet, each time you speak, all your body language, I can observe and learn from you.From you, my teacher I will learn patience, tolerance, generate compassion and how best to conduct myself in such a situation.

I at least, respect you and thank you for being my teacher, I will in return show you compassion."

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Well the enfield has nearly got back to its starting point in Manali, all the tough mountain roads are behind now and its just 260kms to go.

I cant tell you how impressed ive been by a bike designed in the 1950s and remained virtually unchanged. it take me thru alpine valleys onto high mountain plateaus thru the second coldest in habited place on eaeth (-60 degrees celcius) and over the world highest motorable pass at over 18000ft boy it got a bit chilly up there.

The late and very heavy monsoon rains meant we often couldnt go the way we wanted remembering i am travelling with Adam and Dan on there fully prepared Bmws. The last two days have been the longest 23 hours of riding to cover 450 miles. Imagine Birmingham to Scotland on dirt roads, a breeze for the lads a real trial for the enfield and me.

If you like mountains and bikes get your arse out here and travel the Manali to Leh road it is truly  mind blowing scenery and after 20000kms thru Russia and Central Asia i didnt beileve the views could be beaten, mix this up with all the Tibetan architecture, warm friendly people, the least populated area in India, and its a recipe very hard to beat. All im thinking now is how to top it....stay posted.  Photos of the trip to follow

Take care Tim

and the cow jumped over the moon!
'and the cow jumped over the moon!'
Puppy trying her new place after s…
Puppy trying her new place after …
Strangely reminds me of someone I …
Strangely reminds me of someone I…
Puppy runs rings around Tracy
Puppy runs rings around Tracy
Puppy blows raspberries in the fac…
Puppy blows raspberries in the fa…
Saturday Night Fever! Oh YEAH!
Saturday Night Fever! Oh YEAH!
photo by: jeaniejeanie