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Koi at the top of the stairs on the floor above my apartment, running FREE, FREE, FREE!!!


     I am extra tired after waking naturally at around 3am due to the sound of shuffling feet very near to me (it must have been sounds carried from a neighbour). Then I woke naturally again at 4ish and let the dogs out. Then I went back to bed, tired and dehydrated (I feel another sore throat coming on!) and woke for good at 7am. Then , I thought I was ‘late’ getting up as I’d like to be taking my time cooking the dogs and me food before going to class. Disorganised? Moi? This cabbage?

         I am still very tired and understand that if you do not drink enough water, this is one symptom of dehydration. Better drink a bit before class, it should stop me falling asleep then!

     The class was useful.It was about how and why we should feel more compassion for someone who (is suffering so bad they get physical or verbal with it) treats us badly, is having mental problems,beats us, verbally abuses us. If we show them more compassion than other more ordinary folk, we are basically making an extra effort to actually ‘help’ them (relieve their suffering). The way to do this was explained thus:

    • We need to initially create a good rapport with the person(or any sentient being for that matter).
    • This will take some intuitive part on us before being able to show, in a way that is suitable for that person to appreciate and understand that what they are doing is harmful to them let alone others.
    • This was relieving their suffering by showing them the truth about how a situation really is, or how the way they are reacting is not necessary and painful, etc. and then suggesting other ways but in a gentle manner.
    • There is no point steaming straight in an advising one what to do because of ‘Dharma’ and ‘Karma’ etc, going way over the head of someone who hasn’t got a clue what you are talking about, this will CLOSE their mind to you.
    • We need to keep on trying to get through to the person in a manner which they will understand, purely to help alleviate their suffering.
    • And if they still make the same mistakes, we are to continue to help them, again and again.

     This begs the question , At what point do we disassociate ourselves with them for we are also advised not to associate with ‘fools’. We are merely to be courteus and polite to them but not to get familiar with them. I shall have to ask Geshe La tomorrow!

     Puppy is still doing ok. No sign of going downhill anyway. Tried to email the VetCharity last night but there was an error with the link page.I shall find a way today. I have to go out anyway for food.

     Koi is sleepy too, she keeps falling asleep standing up. It seems each time I try to take her for exercise upstairs or just outside my door, there is a stranger,monkey,stray or ‘advisor’ to contend with. I am so consumed with what people think of me for dealing with Koi in the manner I do and always have done since dog training. They wonder why I do not let her off because it is an eastern thing not to have attachment like we do in the west to these animals.

     Maybe the big difference is, that in the west, if anyone ‘wants’ a dog, provisions have to be made like garden security, kept on a leash, adequate food and water, innoculations,suitable owners and family, all has to be considered for the welfare of dog and humans, for the sake of litigation. Maybe if the eastern governments were more ‘responsible’ there would be less rabies and less dog bites. People do not seem to be educated about how to react around dogs, and then wonder why they get bitten.

     There also seems to be an inbred fear instilled by parents, to ‘keep away’ from the dog as it’s ‘dirty’ ‘has rabies’ or ‘will bite you’ . Is this classic delusion or ignorance?

     Maybe the government are culling the stray dogs simply to be seen to be ‘doing something’ (maybe they think it’s the easiest way,but dangerous-someone could get bitten-and most certainly one of the most inhumane ways of doing this i.e., mass collection then electrocution – see PETRA website). Rather than spend money on schemes to innoculate and family prevention for puppies, culling seems to be favoured. They were doing it in other countries we have visited in the east too.

      So it’s a cheap temporary remedy. Even if they totally wiped out the dogs, there would still be rabies, from the monkeys! Are they culling them too?

     If people didn’t leave food deposits (rubbish, waste, some purposefully for the dogs) about the place, maybe they dogs wouldn’t flourish in places like this.

     Is re-education the way? To make people who feed the dogs or leave food about the place, somewhat responsible for encouraging the dogs to live around the communities. Maybe the same people should be made to clean up after the dogs they feed too? Maybe it would stop the feeding if they realised what it was encouraging, let alone increasing vermin like rats mice and mongoose!

     I have been told that ‘it might not be a case of the government keeping all the money, it might be they just haven’t got the money’ . I must check on this. Especially the involvement say, India has with the war weapons, illegal drug trafficking and legal drug manufacture, tourism, human resources and exporting goods. MMMmmm. I think there are poorer countries.

     The amount some countries spend on their warfare is so outrageous compared to the money spent on welfare for the populations, it’s rediculous. There must be a website about this kind of ‘dirty’ spending.I guess it will be surprising to some to read that their own countries are spending more of the taxpayers or peoples money on things they do not know about.

     The people who are spending our money, are the people we have voted for, so:

    • Why should we not have a say on what they are going to spend it on?
    • Why should we not be able to object about it?
    • Why should we not be able to stop the spending we disagree with?

     Especially when politicians and country leaders tell you they are going to do one thing, then either don’t or do something completely different.Covetous?

    I can see why some say they don’t trust politicians or anyone who wishes to be in power.

     I'd rather vote for someone who isn’t plying for the position . Someone who is all the things a leader should be, and the masses WANT them to guide the country to better things rather than rule the country, I guess the title ‘leader’ is off on the wrong foot to start with!

     I read on the internet about a recent BBC poll that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the No.3 choice to lead the world. I wonder who No.1 and 2 are!

     It’s now 1930hrs and I’m in bed. I moved the room around a bit and the camera bag is under the table. Puppy has taken up residence on it.She is having a dream, twitching her tail and breathing fast(maybe in her dream she is running after her favourite food at the moment, tuna. I noticed she had lost weight over a day and a half of not feeding her tuna, bearing in mind she also NEEDS the omega 3 oil to stay healthy for her immune system to rebuild, I went and bought some today @ 60R a can.

     After Why-Why taught her class this afternoon, we walked a scenic short cut to Dharamsala and bought necessaties. I was just about to purchase a long handled scrubbing brush to scrub the algae off the concrete floors outside our rooms, when someone tried to discourage me from buying it. I wanted to buy it to make the floor safe for all who passed on it, not just for me.So I bought it regardless. Then when I was looking at disinfectant to clean the floors in the apartment, I was discouraged because of all the ‘nasty chemicals’ it contained. I’m a control freak? There are plenty of control freaks just like me then! On reflection they had good intentions, it just seemed do oppressive the way they did it.

     I was feeling like I wanted to be left alone. This is where you need the immunity bubble, where no matter what anyone says to you, you are immune from emotional pains. It was also reminiscent of times at Wat Doi Suthep when I would be informed about certain practices during manufacture,trade or sale that would make a product unethical to purchase (like slave labour or animals killed for glue within the product packaging, or even chemicals released on the manufacture of a product.) The harmful list is a very long one, and unless we live off the land, picking only what we need, recycling our waste and fashioning our own tools and clothes, we are inevitably going to involve someone else in whatever we use, purchase or consume. So, are we adding to pollution, bad trade practices and manufacture?

     Please World, give us an island where we can have an eco-friendly community based upon Buddhist Practices! So we can start fresh with all the knowledge we have gained of all the wrongs in this world.

     It does actually bear thinking about, when you consider that the money you pay for something could actually be funding for a terrorist organisation, slave labour, inhumane practices etc. Some people just don’t care, wishing to remain ignorant of the facts and some actually realise what they are contributing to and buy more green and harmless items.

     Those who don’t care past the item they desire are encouraging bad practices by merely aquiescing maybe saying ‘It aint haming me!’ or ‘But I desire this product, I must have it’ and there you have it, thinking only of ‘wanting’ .Because of this, when you are told you can’t have it , you SUFFER.

     But hey! Life goes on without these ‘desirable’ items! We don’t NEED them , we WANT them and there is a BIG difference. It’s only that peoples minds are so deluded based on lack of knowledge that we make NO distinction between wanting and needing. We might distinguish them as follows:


             "I need:

    • Shelter
    • Food
    • Warmth
    • Love(motherly love, like to nurture a child)"

"I want:

    • A country cottage
    • Chocolate cake
    • The best feather quilt
    • A perfect partner "
      • We can actually live and be ‘happy’ with very few possessions.
      • The less we have, the less we worry.

     People think they will be ‘better off’ if they have certain creature comforts, only to be depressed when they haven’t got them!

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Koi at the top of the stairs on th…
Koi at the top of the stairs on t…
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