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The balcony edge and on to the green roof top, where Koi chased others!

TLC. Dharamsala.

  • 0545am Awoke, let the dogs out but the gate was open. Koi ran out and
  • I had to chase her after after her being squared up by three ‘friendly’ local
  • dogs (who later killed a mongoose) and running across the rooftops and paths.
  •  Friends, it really is best if I do not let er go ‘out on her own’.
  • 0630am Puppy started scratching at her growth, then a little yelp. It had a small
  • cut, presumably from her scratching it and an odourless blood and clear liquid
  • started to leak from it. The growth had deflated a little, so I got what I could
  • out of it by giving gentle squeezes, which puppy didn’t seem to mind and tried
  • to let it dry. But she keeps scratching the area. I shall have to cut her toenails to
  •  prevent infection. I wiped it best I could with diluted Dettol.
  • 0700am Made coffee. Koi brought up plegm so I tried to feed her on left overs
  • from yesterday.She ate a little, then was ok. Puppy is lapping up the Lactogen2
  • formula I make through the day. It is meant for human babies under 6 months
  • old with all the necessary minerals and vitamins for essential growth.
  • The Tibetan sound of crashing cymbals and long horneminate from the temple near
  •  by.s
  • 0730am Heard the sound of gushing water outside, thought it was lashing it down.

        I went to have a look, water was raining down from the above balcony floor.

I watched for a few seconds, I got the brolly, had to walk through it to get the other side

and see hwat was going on because it was splashing me standing in the doorway, let

alone the fact it would encourage this area to remain damp and a breeding ground for

 slippery algae and mozzies. It was the lady in the room directly above mine.

I asked, "Is there anything harmful in that water?"

She replied, "No, it’s just water from washing up."

‘Thank you for that deposit’ I thought. How inconciderate, thoughtless.

Not only for three people who live below might get unnecessarily wet, but

we don’t want other peoples washing water anywhere near us, or our

doors,or the floor to get unneccessarily wet as it is very dangerous as it is.

I am still trying not to get angry about it, esppecially as I did not correct the

womans deluded thinking this practice was ok to do. Whatever she was

doing up there, there must be a more careful,conciderate wayof doing it.She

 obviously needs correcting or she will continue this. Ignorance!

    • 0800am After assessing the ‘slippery even when not wet’ algae
    • outside this apartment door and knowing it is dangerous not only for
    • me, I decided to get scrubbing, thinking it may save a broken bone if
    • someone were to fall.
    • 1100am Why-Why knocks at the door. We are to be going to
    •  McLeod for lunch.
    • Showered and put fresh whites on before outing with Why Why
    • Walked up the short cut cobble pathway to the hilltop where the His
    •  Holiness Dalai Lama’s Temple is. We circumnambulated it three times
    •  and paid respects and an offerring to the Buddha image in the temple.
    •  We headed for coffee, lunch and browsing through the mele of Tibetan
    • and Indian stalls set up on Temple Road and its parralell counterpart.
    •  It was packed with toys and girly things, handicrafts and melamine.
    • On the way out the only thing I did buy with the haggling work of Why-
    • Why, a Golden coloured Ceremonial Tibetan Robe And a Maroon
    • coloured seating cloth for meditation and receiving the Buddhas teachings.
    • I collected some dog fodder and sundries and we headed back to the
    • Umbrella repair man outside the temple to collect Why-Why’s repaired
    •  umbrella for R30! Bargain. Someone took my brolly the other day so
    •  had to buy one for as little as R80.The seller assured me it was
    • Monsoon Rain Proof, we’ll see!
    • We walked back down the hill to the cobbled route away from the roads.
    •  It is quite scenic when the misty clouds are not drifting in.
    • I got back to the apartment,checked on the pups,fine.
    • Food time! I had to give them leftovers this morning so I cooked fresh
    • rice and tuna for them. The puppy really needs fish oil (omega3) for her
    • condition)
    • Horlicks is in place instead of coffee now!
    • The History Channel on satellite TV is showing a biography of His
    • Holiness tonight at 10pm. Bit late for me, but we have the opportunity
    •  to watch it at Rita’s next door. I dthink I shall be in bed by 9pm
    • tonight,very tired.
    • The puppies wound is not looking bad at all, though the blood has
    •  stopped, the clear liquid still seeps occasionally. If it starts to smell
    • or turn a strange colour I shall have to seek emergency help.
    • Koi lets me know other (unauthorised)people are entering the walkway
    •  to our (3 residents on this block) showers and toilet. I look outside,
    •  hear them using the showers and see they have left the immediate
    •  compound gate open. This is a problem for residents who wish for
    • peace and quiet, for it allows the strays to enter and there could then
    • be issues like,fleas,rabies,fights etc. So we are trying to keep them out

       It’s now 820pm and my eyes are dry and tired.I am going to bed!

 I try to meditate in the ‘lying pose’ as I lay in bed. I have just taken the

dogs out for last wees and poos, now we settle in for the night. Cosy!

Noisy-neighbours permitting-I can already hear the heightened female

 voices,fast running tap and thumping of ‘elephants feet’ on the building

somewhere (someone heavy footed) which is actually reminiscent of

Wat Doi Suthep in Thailand. Above my apartment there was a

community hall where the monks would perform cartwheels,run, play

football and such, all whilst I was attempting to meditate. My then teacher

would advise it was part of the practice to tolerate such things. How true.

 How very true. Tolerance and patience.




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The balcony edge and on to the gre…
The balcony edge and on to the gr…
photo by: jeaniejeanie